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We’re hiring! / On embauche!


💎We are looking for that perfect gem! 💎

A Part-Time all-round superstar 🌟 3 days/week (22h+)
Tasks include:
– Shipping orders,
– Sales & customer service,
– Adding products online (WordPress).
* Start day: TBD

***Our office space and small team make it safe for social distancing. 😷 We are not a brick & mortar boutique.

*Must be based in Montreal and must be available to work at our Baba Souk loft located in the HOMA district (Préfontaine Station)

Amazing things come in small packages! As part of our small (but growing) team, you’ll be involved in all sorts of fun stuff and will have the opportunity to help grow and build our company. This position has the potential to become a full-time job in the near future.


  • You are a very fast learner and you can figure things out.
  • You are completely at ease with computers, you can switch from 10 open tabs like a pro. WordPress, Canada Post, Etsy, and 10 other tabs are open, you do NOT feel overwhelmed.
  • You are available to work 2 weekdays + every Saturday. Around 22 hours/week. (Possibility of working more hours).
  • You LOVE everything Baba and you would be super happy to greet our clients every Saturday at our Montreal loft from 10am to 5pm.
  • You are super friendly and love to give the BEST customer service. Customer service includes in person, over the phone and through emails.
  • You don’t mind shipping big orders and lifting big boxes.
  • Adding products on a WordPress website is something you have already done or could learn easily.
  • You are detail-oriented and super-efficient. You have a great work ethic. Calling in sick frequently is not your thing.
  • You are bilingual. (English & French) or close to being!
  • You are a doer and you don’t mind the gazillion extra tasks like watering the plants, opening up boxes, tidying things up, whatever needs doing! You can do it. You like to stay busy and get things done.
  • You have a good vibe, you are positive and fun to work with.

Send your CV to:
Tell us in 1 short paragraph why you are the gem we are looking for 🦄

*Must be based in Montreal and must be available to work at our Baba Souk loft located in the HOMA district (Préfontaine Station) every Saturday from 10am-5pm


💎 On cherche la perle rare!


Poste à temps partiel, super star travaillant/e 🌟 3 jours/semaine (22h+)
-Préparer des commandes pour livraison postale,
-Vente et service à la clientèle,
-Ajout de produits en ligne (plateforme WordPress).
*Tu dois être basé/e à Montréal,
**Début de l’emploi: date exacte à confirmer.
***Notre milieu de travail de bureau et notre petite équipe facilitent la distanciation sociale 😷 Nous n’avons pas une boutique pignon sur rue.

*Le plaisir de travailler pour une petite entreprise comme la nôtre c’est avoir la chance de participer à une panoplie de projets stimulants et diversifiés. Tu nous aideras à faire grandir notre entreprise. Ce poste à de fortes chances de devenir un emploi à temps plein dans un futur rapproché.


  • Tu apprends vraiment vite et tu es débrouillard/e,
  • Tu es complètement à l’aise avec le travail sur ordinateur. Tu passes de l’onglet Poste Canada, WordPress, Etsy, et 10 différents onglets comme un/e pro, sans te sentir perdu/e.
  • Tu es disponible pour travailler 2 jours/ semaine et tous les samedis, environs 22h/semaine. (Possibilité de faire plus d’heures).
  • Tu aimes tout ce qui est Baba et tu serais vraiment content/e d’accueillir nos clients à notre loft situé à Montréal tous les samedis de 10h à 17h.
  • Tu es une personne amicale et de bonne humeur, tu offres LE meilleur service à la clientèle. (En personne, au téléphone et par courriel).
  • Tu n’as aucun problème à préparer et lever des grosses boites.
  • Tu connais la plateforme WordPress ou tu penses que tu pourrais l’apprendre rapidement.
  • Tu es quelqu’un de minutieux/se mais tu es très efficace. L’éthique de travail c’est important pour toi, tu n’es pas du genre à t’absenter souvent.
  • Tu es bilingue (anglais/français) ou presque!
  • Tu aimes l’action! Les tâches connexes, tu n’as pas de problème avec ça (Faire le ménage, arroser les plantes, placer de la marchandise…) Tu préfères être occupé(e) et accomplir plusieurs choses.
  • Tu es agréable, positif/ve, tu es un/e collègue le fun avec une bonne vibe!

Envoie ton Cv à:
En un court paragraphe, dis-nous pourquoi tu es la perle rare recherchée!



*Tu dois être disponible pour venir travailler sur place à notre loft/bureau situé à Montréal, près du métro Préfontaine dans le quartier HOMA.

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Baba Souk has a new logo!

baba souk happy home decor new logo 2020

Meet our new Baba Souk logo! 🙂 When we finally decided we needed a logo update (like a year ago) I first thought to myself, well, I’m technically a graphic designer (studied in graphic art at university), I should probably design it myself. Then I tried. Then I tried again… Something felt wrong. I just couldn’t do it on my own. So I reached out to one of my favorite local graphic designers, Catherine Lavoie. She created some very cool options but I couldn’t decide. That’s not like me, I usually know what I like within a second. I loved her proposition but it needed something more… Handmade!

Thanks to Instagram, I found this very talented calligraphy artist Seulghi. I combined both of their talents and created a logo! I’m so happy with the result and I hope you’ll love our new Baba Souk logo!

I’m realizing more and more that it takes a constellation of stars to create something real good! – Stephanie

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The Baba Souk Loft – Office Corner Redesign

We’ve been struggling with our loft space ever since we moved our Baba Souk office to the East end of Montreal a few years ago into a 800 sq. ft loft. What we realized is that as much as we love the loft life (high ceiling, lots of light and white brick walls) making a loft space functional is not as easy as we thought. We realized over time that the key is to determine space usage. And we really needed to reserve space for two functional desks. The challenge was to make it efficient while making sure we we’re taking up as little space as possible.

We were also SO lucky to be working on this little redesign in collaboration with Home Depot, not only did they provide all the materials but let’s be honest – the best part – they answered our millions of questions. I personally dread going to large surface hardware stores. It seems I never find what I’m looking for, I’m never exactly sure what to pick and why! Oh why! It seems like nobody’s working there when you’re looking for help!? :S Customer service is super important to our brand and Home Depot was the obvious choice. There’s always someone there dressed in orange to help you out when you feel like crying in the middle of the aisle 22. So here’s what it looks like now 🙂

baba souk loft montreal

I had so much fun though, working on this little office corner redesign with Camille Picard and Tinka of Solve My Space. Camille is all about making things extra pretty and Tinka is an organization maven.

Spot our favorite Baba Souk accessories: Magic Eye Mirror, Basket With Tassel, Plant Hanger, Wall hanging, Moon Mirror, Pink Vase, Hamper Basket)

Our original inspiration came during our last trip to Marrakech. Camille and I were visiting the cutest yoga studio, THEYOGiINME and felt immediately inspired. We just adored the color palette, the pink and yellow, the mix of French design combined with Moroccan crafts.

the yogi in me marrakech

Camille’s signature design style usually include a bold wallpaper. We sourced high and low to find the perfect wallpaper. We wanted a bit of tropical but something that reminded us of Marrakech, agaves, oranges, olives, luscious leaves, pottery and that peachy pink we love so much. And then after hours of web browsing, we had to face reality, we would NEVER find that perfect wallpaper. We still were not willing to compromise (we may or may not be a little stubborn?) Anyways, we decided we would have to design it.

We decided to work with graphic designer Catherine Lavoie because we felt her style was exactly what we were looking for, graphic and colorful with a little Scandinavian edge.

The sketching started and I had so much fun playing “artistic director” with Catherine because she got what we wanted very quickly. After a few rounds of sketching, we had the Aha! moment as soon as we saw this pattern. It was love at first sight.

baba souk loft montreal

baba souk loft

Here’s a little mood board we made when we received the wallpaper. Plants, macrame from our latest collab, pink paint swatches, our original THEYOGiINME inspiration picture and Moroccan rattan lamps we brought back for the office.

The tricky part was that we didn’t have gyprock walls to install the wallpaper, our loft walls are made of bricks. That’s where Home Depot was such a game changer. We needed a wood structure, gyprock sheets, paint, screws etc… We were able to find everything thanks to their empathetic employees guiding us throughout our project.  Here are some before and after shots. Many thanks to Camille’s dad who put everything together like a champ! He even made a custom desk for us.

baba souk loft montreal

(Camille left, Stephanie, Julia on the right)

before and after

baba souk loft montreal

baba souk loft montreal

baba souk montreal office loft reveal
Picture: Lalor Photographie

I’m so pleased with the final result! Julia (my right hand) and I finally have an inspiring office corner to share. It really makes a difference when you work in a space you love. I know personally, it does bring joy every morning. Now let’s see if we’ll be able to keep it this cute and tidy… 😉

Design: Camille Picard
Office organization: Solve My Space.
Materials: Home Depot
Pink chairs: Structube
Wallpaper design: Catherine Lavoie
Custom wallpaper: WYNIL
All the cute accessories: Baba Souk

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6 Essentials For A Stunning Living Room

I know creating a décor can be daunting. Where to start? What to focus on? We’ve been there. Since we’ve been coming up with lots of options for our photoshoots, we’ve had a bit of practice and we realize there are a few basic rules to keep in mind. If you have no idea where to begin and you love that timeless classic boho living room style, you can easily recreate it with these 6 must-have items.

Essentials For A Stunning Living Room moroccan rug morooccan pouf

1.  A Moroccan Rug

Of course, you know I’ve always said a Moroccan rug can make a décor. Well, believe me, it’s true. If you prefer a classic style like this décor we shot at the Damask & Dentelle Apartment, I’d say go for a timeless Beni Ourain rug. It’s the coziest and it has that minimalist look that will never go out of style. Beni Ourain rugs are handmade and are made to last a lifetime. I know people are worried about getting a white rug but they can easily be cleaned by professionals. Since it’s made of natural wool, the stains will easily come out and your rug will look new again. We have a bunch online right now, have a look right here. If you can’t find the size you’re looking for, we can always look into a custom option with you, just get in touch.

2. A Velvet couch

Velvet adds tons of sophistication to a room. It’s rich, cozy and the trend is not going anywhere anytime soon. Pick a colour you’ve always loved. This teal looks pretty amazing to me. (The couch is from West Elm) I love its mid-century look.

3. A charismatic light fixture

This will add tons of style to your room. Look around for gorgeous vintage options at your local flea markets or shop around the web for some stunning options. This one is from West Elm again but I’ve seen lots of options on Etsy.

moroccan rug morooccan pouf Essentials For A Stunning Living Room

4. A Moroccan Pouf

It does it every time. Just add a Moroccan pouf or two in your living room and it instantly creates a low seating option that makes for a warm, cozy atmosphere. You’ll see you’ll want to hang out in that room. Gold is also one of our go-to options. It looks great in all sorts of decors and it adds light and texture to a room. Our classic Tan leather Moroccan pouf is also a sure bet.

moroccan rug morooccan pouf Essentials For A Stunning Living Room

5. A statement piece on your wall

An easy one! Add something large that has character to your living room wall. It could be a big vintage map like this one (from Damask & Dentelle Apartment), a big painting is always a good idea, it could also be a framed poster or a piece of fabric you love. Framed fabric is an inexpensive, fun solution. Vintage maps are also always cool. They add a bit of a Brooklyn flair to the mix.

6. Colourful throw pillows

You’re almost done! You’ll need a few textured throw pillows. We LOVE our one-of-a-kind Boucherouite pillows because they have this pretty amazing mix of weaved colours – but as long as your pillows have interesting texture and colours – they should work!

moroccan rug morooccan pouf Essentials For A Stunning Living Room

These are the 6 key elements you’ll need to put together a stunning living room that has tons of personality. Start with these 6 items and you’ll see your living room decor will come together pretty easily. Of course, afterwards, you’ll add your plants and a few treasures to make it your own but following these basic rules will give you an amazing start! – Stephanie

Pictures: Baba Souk
Location: Damask & Dentelle Apartment,
Styling: Camille Picard





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Prettiest Moroccan Ceramic Bowls & How To Update Your Everyday Smoothie

We’re starting the year with lots of good intentions and updating our everyday smoothie is just a tiny thing we can all do to keep healthy eating fun – and pretty – especially with our new Moroccan ceramic bowls.

moroccan ceramic bowls healthy smoothie recipe

These ceramic bowls make anything look yummier – no joke. (We have them in soft purple or soft forest green (and they look beautiful paired together.)

moroccan ceramic bowls healthy smoothie recipe

Our foodie friend, Emilie Murmure, put together this simple vegan smoothie you can easily make in the morning. The secret is to keep it fresh with beautiful toppings.

One serving of Smoothie :

  • One cup of Almond milk (Use regular milk if you prefer.)
  • One cup of frozen fruit (Blueberries, strawberries, raspberries or berries, whatever you have on hand. You can, of course, use fresh fruit, frozen fruit only makes it easier to plan.)
  • One banana
  • One teaspoon of chia seeds.
  • One teaspoon of maca powder.

Use a blender to mix everything together until you get the perfect creamy smoothie texture.

moroccan ceramic bowls easy smoothie bowl recipe

Topping :

  • Small fruit like fresh raspberries or blueberries.
  • Add some star fruit and figs to make it pretty.
  • Add some dragon fruit balls. (See tip below.)
  • Chia seeds.

TIP: Use a small melon baller spoon to make dragon fruit balls, they’ll make any smoothie bowl look prettier and it’s a very fun kitchen utensil to make beautiful fruit salads. Use this spoon to make watermelon balls, cantaloupe or honeydew balls.

moroccan ceramic bowls easy smoothie bowl recipe

Serve your smoothie in our gorgeous Moroccan ceramic bowls and enjoy the fest!

Recipe & pictures: Emilie Murmure
Styling: Camille Picard & Emilie Gaillet.

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