Washable Rugs, Moroccan Style, 2’ x 4’ – Bright Mosaic


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Our Washable Rugs Moroccan Style are finally here!  I totally feel you when you say you need a washable rug that doesn’t have a white background but would still look cute! We have kids and dogs and our lives are busy and messy just like yours. We wanted to create a cute Moroccan style rug that would be easy to care. This small 2×4 rug is perfect kids’ bedroom and high-traffic areas such as kitchen bathroom or entryways. It’s water absorbent, stain resistant and you can throw it in the washing machine and dryer as needed.
– 2’ x 4’ (60cm x 122cm)
– Pile/ thickness: 1/4” (0.6cm)
– 100% tufted cotton
– Handmade in India
IN STOCK: Rugs are ready to ship from our Montreal Warehouse.
SHIPPING: *Shipping is FREE to the USA and Canada. (Contact us for international shipping).
SUSTAINABILITY: We design our rugs here at our Baba Souk Montreal office and we’re currently working with a small Indian factory to have them made. They are made by hand and we pay the workers fairly.
DURABILITY: Aren’t we all so tired of the throw-away culture we live in? It’s a source of pollution for our planet + a waste of money! We made sure this runner rug is high quality, tested and made to last. Wash it as many times as you need, it will still look amazing! It’s an high-quality rug you won’t regret.
Washable Rugs Moroccan Style
— Just give it a good shake outside and vaccum it for a quick refresh
— COLD water, delicate or express cycle. (Wash separately for the first 2 washes. Shedding is normal and will completely stop after a few washes)
— Tumble dry

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TRANSPARENCY: We’ve been looking for years for easy-to-maintain, cool, fun and colourful rugs that would be practical for the kitchen, bathroom and high-traffic living areas without breaking the bank. The rugs needed to be machine washable, resistant and easy to care for and most importantly, the designs needed to be as cool as our Moroccan rugs! We had to be able to have more than one of each made, which is not possible with handmade Moroccan rugs. After years of research, we’ve had to design our own Baba Souk rugs! To be fully transparent, Moroccan arts and crafts artisans lack the necessary equipment for duplicating rugs in a manufacturing environment, so, unfortunately, Morocco wasn’t an option. We design our rugs here at our Baba Souk Montreal office and we’re currently working with a small Indian factory to have them made. We still make them by hand and we fairly pay the workers. In India, they have facilities and tools to help workers make several units of the same rug design. It’s not anything like a real Moroccan rug, nothing will ever surpass the feeling and quality of a real handmade Moroccan rug! But they are an amazing compromise.
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