Colorful Moroccan Rugs: Easy Ways to Add Vibrancy to Your Home Decor

If you’re a hard-core Moroccan rugs lover or color lover in general, this tip might not apply. However, if you find color matching daunting and would love to learn how to incorporate more color into your space, this is the easiest way to do it: paint all the walls white! Haha, you didn’t think I was going there, right? Hear me out: a blank canvas + accessories is the easiest way to go!

Embrace White Walls: A Canvas for Colorful Accents

Start with white walls + light wood accents. Like light wood hardwood floors + furniture. White space with light wood is the perfect base to create a fun Scandinavian feel decor (My personal faves!) The wood greatly helps to warm the space up. Now let the fun begin!

Wait a second, I can feel all the white perfect paint color questions coming in! Let me bust that myth in 2 seconds: The white shade really doesn’t matter! White is white, don’t fool yourself. I would not recommend buying the cheapest paint though; you will regret it.

moroccan rugs, baba souk

Moroccan Wool Rugs: Adding Unique Colors to Your Living Room

Moroccan rugs are such a great way to add a splash of color and texture to your home decor! It brings instant personality, lots of warmth, and fun textures which are important to infuse richness to a decor.

My favorites for the living room would be our Moroccan wool rugs that have a multitude of gradient colors. They are one-of-a-kind and are just gorgeous. They will be the show stopper + conversation starters in your home.

For the kids, I know I’ve said this before but the recycled cotton rugs are so fun! Instant joy, a splash of color, and fun to any room.

colorful Moroccan rugs, carpets fro kids bedroom, boucherouite, baba souk

Affordable Art: Enhancing Home Decor with Colorful Posters

My second favorite way to add some color to your home, instead of painting your walls, is by adding some posters! Posters are so underrated. They are a very affordable way to add some personality to your home. Also, they feel like less of a commitment than real artwork, and you can switch them up with no regrets when you’re ready for a change. I love a gallery wall, but I know they can feel hard to pull together. I say add some posters here and there around your home. The more colorful, the better! I love looking at posters at my friends’ houses; they bring so much interest.

Our popular La Fleur posters have been made to fit exactly in Ikea frames, making them super easy and affordable to hang on your walls. I also feel like they are big enough, 50 cm x 70 cm, about 20″ x 28″, to add some punch to your wall. My favorite frame is the IKEA Lomviken Frame in gold color and the very simple white Ribba frame. For posters, I’m also a big fan of artist Lay Hoon and her colorful, abundant scenes of women living La Dolce Vita. I’ve also been loving Carla Llanos’ floral illustrations for years now and never get tired of her style.

La Fleur Poster, pink, baba souk

Of course, if your budget allows for original artworks, they are the ultimate way to bring color, texture, and handmade love to your walls. We are currently selling original artworks by local Canadian artist Julie Naima. The colors are just stunning. Go have a look at our current selection right here.

original painting, Canadian artists, Julie Naima, Baba Souk

Switch things up and have fun with your home decor

Personally, I love to switch up my decor and even sometimes switch the accessories seasonally or even switch up the room they’re in for an instant change! Pillows, throws, and baskets are very fun to play around and add touches of color here and there. Handmade Moroccan baskets are very fun to add texture and that handmade feel and well-traveled look we all love. Have a look at our basket collection right here. 

The other perk of having all-white walls is that it gives all the attention to the colorful rugs and accessories. Giving them space to shine a bit like a museum usually has white walls to let the art shine bright.

blue Moroccan rugs, living room decor

Go ahead and have fun with your space! I’m a little sad when I see hotel-like beige and cold home decor that looks like they’re not even lived in. Your space should be a reflection of who you are; it should tell stories about your favorite place, colors, and style. It should make you feel inspired and boost your mood.

Again, if ever you need help to pick the perfect rug for your space, I’d be honoured to personally help you find the rug of your dreams. Email me, and if you can send me a picture of your space, it will help me guide you in finding the perfect handmade rug for your space. -Stephanie