6 Little Tips To Style A Dreamy Summer Brunch Table

We added these super fun wicker placemats with colourful pastel tassels recently to the shop and thought it would be the perfect excuse to try and create a wonderful summer table setting. We had so much fun creating this dreamy table! It would be such fun to gather a bunch of girlfriends around this table. Instant smiles and good times, right?

summer brunch table placemats tassels styling

Here are a few tips Camille and I figured out while styling this pretty pink table.

Tip no.1 Layer 2 tablecloths! We were hesitating between 2 tablecloths and then we figured why not layer them? So we used a pink linen tablecloth, folded it, and placed it on top of the floral one. We really love the look. I’m going to use this little trick again and again.

Tip no.2 Mix & match the plates and glasses. This adds lots of interest to the table and let’s be real, it’s a lot more fun! These plates are from Anthropologie. Aren’t they just gorgeous? We also used different glass shapes and colors.

placemats wicker morocco tassels brunch summer table

Tips no.3 Add texture to your table. (Our new wicker placemats with tassels are perfect for that, grab yours over here.) You could also use different kinds of serving baskets to add texture to your table.

Tips no.3 Add texture to your table. (Our new wicker placemats with tassels are perfect for that, grab yours over here.) You could also use different kinds of serving baskets to add texture to your table.

Tip no.4 Place lots of pillows on your dining table chairs or bench. Walk around your house and grab some pillows (or shop from our gorgeous new collection, we have so many dreamy new pillows .) It adds so much coziness to a table setting. We just adore the way it made our table look so magical. Try it, your guests will feel so comfy!

placemats summer tassels wicker morocco baba souk

Tip no.5 Put some fruit on your table before your guests arrive. Bring out the lemons, watermelons and pineapple (or any other fruit you will be serving), they add so much color to a table setting and it’s simply mouth watering!

summer brunch table placemats tassels styling

Tips no.6 Ok, this one is obvious but in case you forget, cut some flowers from your garden and maybe a few big green leaves you can just lay on the table. Monstera or palm leaves are perfect.

We want to see your summer table stylings! Tag us via Instagram 🙂 – Stephanie



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Home Office Decor – 7 Easy Ideas To Create An Inspiring Work Space

I’ve neglected my home office decor for so long. I didn’t quite know what to do with it because the space I have for it is not as big or as pretty as I thought I needed. But I’ve been enjoying working from my home lately and I really needed to set an inspiring mood without spending too much time or money to make it happen. Don’t get me wrong, I love to work at the Baba loft but it turns out I’m SO much more productive when I work alone without any distractions. Anyone else feels more productive working alone?

Camille and I came up with 7 easy ideas to get you inspired for your own home office decor, and please note, you don’t need any fancy furniture. See what we’ve done to set the mood around this affordable Ikea desk. All you really need is a wall and a few accessories to put it together.

home office ideas 7 easy way to create an inspiring home office

1. Add interest to your walls. Posters are the best. I know I’ve said this before but art prints are the easiest and most inexpensive way to create a fun decor. All you need are a few posters on your wall and maybe one more leaning against your desk.

(Wall hanging, mint palm poster, peace poster, little round vase, cactus ring holder, gold, silver & pompom belly baskets, Moroccan rug)

home office decor 7 ideas to create an inspiring home office decor

2. Keep your desktop minimalist but surround yourself with a few of your favourite things, like your favourite books and agenda (ban.do of course) we love to store all our small knick knacks in these golden paper bins.

home office decor 7 ideas to create an inspiring home office decor

3. Next, you need big plants around you. Plants bring any space to life. (Any plant!) Amongst our favorite, the now classic Monstera plant (on the left) and a big bird of paradise palm plant. Our belly baskets make the best hiding pots. (Just add a plastic plate at the bottom and hide your plastic pot in it.) Also put a few of your favourite smaller plants on your desk. We swear they’ll make you happy!

(macrame plant hanger, monstera leaf poster, peace poster, mint leaf poster, wall haging, belly baskets, pink leather pouf.)

4. A vintage chair is always a good idea. Vintage chairs are easy to find and have so much more character. This one we found at our friend’s vintage boutique, Les Objets Perdus.

home office decor 7 ideas to create an inspiring home office decor

5. Download a fun design for your computer desktop, it’s just so much fun. Plus, this colorful print designed by Bella Gomez is free to download via DesignLoveFest.

6. We also like to add texture to the mix. These colorful wall hangings are the best. You could also use a hanging plant like this cute pompom macrame plant holder.

home office decor 7 ideas to create an inspiring home office decor

7. If you’re lucky enough to have a home garden, keep a few fresh flowers in a vase on your desk as often as possible. Cheap! And so pretty.

(If not, treat yourself with a sweet bouquet from Laurieanne Atelier Fleur)

We hope our little styling ideas will help you put together an inspiring home office. Have fun with it! -Stephanie

PS: We’d love to see your home office decor! Tag us via Instagram so we can have a peek 🙂

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Monstera Art Print & Pastel Botanicals Illustrations

When artist Emeline Villedary & I decided to create this illustration collaboration together, we knew it would involve botanics, flowers and luscious green monstera leaves. What SHE didn’t know is that she would create such magical artwork. To be honest, I had a feeling our collection would involve that kind of striking beauty – because she’s that good.

I just adore how beautiful and feminine the prints are but yet, they show such strong movement and determination. I feel they are the perfect gift for a mother or a daughter. We also came to the conclusion that it would feel right to give back with this beautiful art project. Emeline and I are both mothers and we were chatting about how difficult it must be to raise a child as a solo-parent. We decided to give $5 back for each print sold to a local organization Emeline knew about. It’s called “MAP Montreal”. Their mission is to empower single mothers and help them get an education, a decent job, affordable rent and subsidized day care for their child. Most of all, it helps women stand strong and confident as solo moms.

monstera leaf illustration pastel art print

We also decided to have the illustrations printed locally in Montreal on the most luxurious Arches paper ever seen! I’m not kidding, guys, they look and feel like original artwork. They are drop dead gorgeous!

They also look pretty cute as a duo. I love these two pastel ones together.

monstera leaf illustration art print

That monstera leaf art print is my absolute fave! (Cute gold basket available here) Emeline’s pick is the yellow Pastel Botanical illustration. I’m curious, which one do you prefer?






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DIY Easter Eggs – Cactus Desert Eggs

DIY Easter eggs! We have a fun, easy craft for you. The kids will love to make them and they’ll make the cutest little decorations for your coffee table too! Go get your paint brushes!

diy easter egg craft cactus eggs

This DIY has been designed just for us by our collaborator Camille

What you need to make these cute DIY Easter eggs:

– Aquarelle paint (or water paints)
– A small paintbrush
– Eggs
– A bunch of baby cacti (you can find some at most gardening centers)
– Small terracotta pots (or you can use egg cups)
– Soil
– A knife

DIY Easter eggs cactus eggs craft

Step 1:

– Use a sharp knife to crack open your eggshells at the top. Make a good hole and then use your hands to open up the egg. About 1/4 of the eggshell should be removed so you’ll be able to plant your little cactus inside.

– Remove all the egg inside the shells and only keep the shells.You can make an omelette later. (We hate to waste food!)

– Wash your eggshells.

Step 2:

– Use your aquarelle paint and get creative with mixing colors. It doesn’t need to be perfect, have fun with it. Let the kids play around with their color mixing explorations. It feels so good to play with your hands, doesn’t it?

– Once you’re done with your painting, you can put your eggs upside down to let them dry.

DIY Easter eggs craft project cactus eggs


-Add some soil inside your shells and then plant your baby cacti in them. Tadam! You just made the cutest Easter desert eggs 🙂

-You can put them in little terracotta pots like we did. Bonus – you can also paint the terracotta pots if you feel like it. If you can’t find such small terracotta pots, just use egg cups, it will look just as cute!

DIY easter eggs craft cacti

Psssst!: You can find this wall hanging here and cute pink leather Moroccan pouf here!

DIY Easter eggs craft

If you like this little craft project, please share it! 🙂 And if you make some, we want to see. Please tag us!

DIY Easter Eggs cactus

(find the pink bunny here, and pretty little gold basket here)

Happy Easter guys, have fun with your family and friends. XO

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Moroccan Rug Sale & Our Top 5 Trends for Spring

As we can’t wait for Spring anymore, (Montreal is still covered with snow as you read this!) we’ve decided to bring Spring inside! We paired with our favorite florist to shoot our latest Moroccan rug collection. Laurie Anne Atelier Fleur’s workshop is such a wonderful space.

The beauty we created inside her atelier just made us feel so good. Can you smell the fresh blooms mixed with eucalyptus? Loads of green plants, freshly cut flowers and drying flower suspensions make for such eye candy, the perfect setting for a dose of Spring inspiration and for forgetting about our winter blues!

moroccan rug montreal canada

This little reading nook we styled at Laurie Anne’s atelier is so romantic! We added this beni ourain moroccan rug (On sale!) to bring some coziness, a gold vegan pouf and a gold cactus sculpture (because adding a touch of gold is always a good idea). This timeless black heart poster also looks good anywhere. This is the pink Medinilla plant that made it in our top 5 trends for Spring.

moroccan rug montreal canada

I know I’ve said it before but our new belly baskets make the prettiest cachepots.

moroccan rug montreal canada

Laurie Anne’s atelier is always filled with blooms and plants, it really is the perfect set to bring Spring inside! And it makes our Moroccan rugs look even more beautiful. (We’re having a 25% off sale right now over here).

Our Top 5 Trends for Spring:

moroccan rug montreal canada

We’re really into adding textures to our walls. Wall hangings are so good for that. These 2 are my current faves. This little round shaggy hanging is so fun and I adore the modern look of the one on the left.

moroccan rug montreal canada

This is a florist’s workspace dream! I could look at this one forever. This Boucherouite rug seems to be the perfect match for her botanic desk, don’t you think?

moroccan rug boucherouite montreal canada

It made me realize how much fun it must be to be a florist in everyday life? I know it felt like I was living in a wonderland that day. It just feels so good to be surrounded by so much beauty.

moroccan rug montreal canada

Laurie Anne always has such gorgeous flowers hanging from her ceiling. She makes her hanging racks herself with willow branches to dry her flowers upside down. This kind of suspension would look so good in a cottage decor. And guys! It smells amazing.

I love everything about this decor, especially this funky wall hanging.

moroccan rug montreal canada

Here’s Camille enjoying the little living room we styled together. So much goodness in there! I wish my own living room were that cute. Key items: this Boucherouite rug, our fave tan leather poufs, a giant fiddle leaf tree, a vintage lamp and, believe it or not, a vintage Ikea couch.

The cute little plant on the table is called a peperomia sandersii. Love the stripes in the leaves.

moroccan rug montreal canada

These comfy sea blue striped pillows are on sale. (Hurry, we only have a few left). This amazing Moroccan rug is still available. (Grab it here).

moroccan rug montreal canada

Peace and love, always. Our new peace screen print is available here. (and it helps a good cause!)

moroccan rug montreal canada

This little vintage breakfast table is styled with this colourful graphic Boucherouite rug. They make such a cute pair. I know I wouldn’t mind having breakfast every morning at that table.

moroccan rug azilal montreal canada

The colors in this rug are just so good.

Hope this inspires you to bring Spring inside your home! It was such a mood lifter for us.

Please share with your Baba friends if you liked our spring decor ideas!  -Stephanie






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