Moroccan Style Rugs – Designed by Baba Souk

We are slowly creating more Moroccan-style rugs designed by us at Baba Souk, and you might be wondering why! So I thought I would share the story behind these new rugs 🙂

The truth is: selling one-of-a-kind items is super fun, but it’s a very hard business model! After years of selling handmade one-of-a-kind rugs, we’ve noticed that clients frequently want to purchase the exact same rug. They were disappointed, and sometimes even frustrated (and even sad 😢), to see their favorite rug sold out so fast! We’ve tried so many times to replicate our most popular Moroccan rugs.

To be fully transparent, Moroccan arts and crafts artisans lack the necessary equipment for duplicating rugs. They are used to improvising and creating a rug with whatever color they have on hand to create a stunning one-of-a-kind creation. While we think it’s very cool and creative, and we know that Moroccan rugs are the cream of the crop. They have unbeatable textures, patterns, and quality – business-wise, it’s hard to scale on that model.

The Evolution of Moroccan Style Rugs at Baba Souk

We’ve been looking for years for easy-to-maintain, cool, fun, and colorful rugs that would be practical for the kitchen, bathroom, and high-traffic living areas without breaking the bank. The rugs needed to be machine washable, resistant, and easy to care for. But most importantly, the designs needed to be as cool as our Moroccan rugs!

We had to be able to have more than one of each made, which is not possible with handmade Moroccan rugs. (Trust us, we spent years trying because I really wanted to keep our production in Morocco, where my husband is from and where they have amazing handmade skills! It was a tough decision for me, but after years of failing, we decided to design our own Baba Souk rugs! (A wink at my clothing designer background). We started designing our rugs here at our Baba Souk Montreal office, and we’re currently working with a small Indian factory to have them made. We still make them by hand and we fairly pay the workers.

bathroom rugs absorbant bath mat

In India, they have facilities and tools to help workers make several units of the same rug design in a more manufactured way. To be real and 100% honest, our Indian “Moroccan Style” rugs are not anything like a real Moroccan rug, nothing will ever surpass the feeling and quality of a real handmade Moroccan rug. But they are an AMAZING compromise! They are cute and fun, and we make sure the quality is top-notch because one thing I really hate is the throwaway culture in which we live! Durability is one of our core values at Baba Souk, and we tested (and tested again!) the rugs we’ve designed to make sure our rugs are made to last.

We also wanted to offer a lower price point because we totally get that a Moroccan rug is a luxury item, and while you might love the look, your budget might not love the price tag! Ha! Our Baba Souk rugs are not cheap because, as mentioned above, we are not willing to compromise quality, but they’re reasonably priced.
Machine Washable Bathmats by Baba Souk

Our bathmats were created to be water absorbent, machine washable, and most importantly cute! 😉 We’re very proud to say they’ve been selling like hotcakes and have collected so many good reviews! (Scroll down this page to read them) This was our first Baba Souk design made in India and it’s a keeper. We’re planning to make more designs in the future and even maybe create a bathmat for non-pink lovers! (Haha, we see you, but what can I say, we have a deep love for pink!)

bath mat from baba souk

Machine Washable Runner rugs by Baba Souk

This runner rug was created because we just couldn’t find a cute machine-washable runner that would survive the test of kitchen spills, messy kids, and time! I’ve been washing mine for 1 years and I still absolutely love it. We would also love to create more designs and maybe a runner with a more neutral color palette. Let us know if this is a good idea!

kitchen runner rug, machine washable from from baba souk

kitchen runner, machine washable rug by Baba Souk

kitchen runner rug, machine washable from from baba souk

Machine washable 3×5 rugs by Baba Souk

This cute 3′ x 5′ rug was created with kids’ and girls’ bedroom in mind. If I had to pick a favorite, it’s this one! A very sweet take on a Moroccan rug design with a natural cotton-colored background that is resistant to stains. It’s machine washable and perfect for any high-traffic area and could be used in a bathroom or a kitchen. We are planning a boy’s version soon!

Moroccan Style Rugs

Moroccan Style Rugs

Machine washable 2×4 rugs by Baba Souk

This small Moroccan-style rug is a fun one! While we imagined it could bring color to a kid’s bedside, it’s machine washable. It would be perfect for a bathroom, entryway, or kitchen! If one of these cuties is sold out, it’s because they’re so popular! We barely can keep up. We need investors, just sending it to the universe haha! 😉

Moroccan Style Rugs

Moroccan Style Rugs

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Oh, and if you’re wondering, no, we won’t stop selling authentic, real handmade Moroccan rugs. Of course not! I personally love them so much (Obsession is the right word). I love to curate the most amazing collection for you guys! As always, if you have any questions regarding our Moroccan Style Rugs, email me, I’m here for you.

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