Moroccan Rugs – Most FAQS Answered!


– How much does it cost to ship Moroccan rugs?
We’re happy to offer FREE shipping to Canada or USA for any order over $100.

– Do You Ship Internationally?
Yes, we do! However, since shipping charges vary depending on your package size and destination, please email us with your shipping address and the specific item(s) you’d like to order and we’ll get back to you shortly with a shipping estimate.

– What Is Your Rug Return Policy?
If you’re not happy, we’re not happy! We aim to please, so if your order doesn’t completely please you, we’ll do whatever we can to make it better!

•– Your rug must be in its original condition and show no signs of use.
– If you wish to return your rug, please get in touch via email within 5 days of receiving it.
Please return undamaged/unused rug to us within 14 days for a full refund.
Shipping costs for returning the item are the responsibility of the customer. We recommend shipping via Canada Post or USPS.

Our Return Address:
Baba Souk
2019 Moreau Street, suite #300,
Montreal, Quebec,
H1W 2M1
Phone: 438 394-3276

*After we receive your returned item, you will receive a complete refund. An email will be sent once your return is processed.

– How long will it take to ship my rug?

In the product description you can see the stock status of the rug:

IN STOCK: Ready to ship from our Montreal Warehouse.
We usually do our very best to ship all orders within 48h-72h. As soon as your rug ships out you will receive tracking confirmation via email. Please note, during sales and promotions, it might take a little longer as we are a small team and we are sometimes overwhelmed with orders, but we always try to ship as fast as humanly possible.

Lead time once your order is shipped via regular shipping:
 Quebec, Ontario: 1-2 business days
Western & Eastern provinces: 5-7 business days
USA: We ship via UPS, depending on your location it usually takes 4-8 business days.

Refer to the product description, If your rug is marked as “Made to Order”, that means we don’t have it in stock at our Montreal office. It will be made specifically for you by our team of artisans. It will be shipped from our Marrakech warehouse once it’s ready.

MADE TO ORDER RUGS: Lead time is 8-10 weeks. Shipping from our Morocco warehouse. Minimal custom fees may apply. We’ll update you with the tracking number once shipped.

I’m hesitant, can you help me pick the perfect rug?
We would love to help you pick the perfect rug 🙂 The best way we can help you is if we can see the room you’d like to put the rug in. Please email us a picture of your room and you can also include links or pictures of your favourite rugs. We’ll be in touch with you promptly and we’ll try our very best to help you find the rug of your dreams.

I have questions about a particular rug, can someone help me?
We’d be happy to help! Email us or contact us directly over the phone: 438 863-2285 or 438 394-3276

I would like to see the rug in person before buying it, is it possible?
Our loft/warehouse is located in Montreal, in the HOMA district. We’d be happy to show you some rugs We recommend making an appointment, please get in touch with us via email or phone 438 863-2285. You can also drop by during our opening hours, please click here for more info about our showroom.

Below, you’ll find answers to the frequently asked questions about our different Moroccan rug types. We hope that helps! Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions you have. Here at Baba Souk, customer service is our top priority.

– Moroccan Rugs – Most FAQS Answered!

Finally! All your rug FAQS answered! We get tons of questions about our Moroccan rugs – What is the difference between them, how are they made, this page has got you covered!

moroccan rugs cotton

Cotton Moroccan Rugs

How they are made:
These Moroccan rugs, also known as “Boucherouite rugs,” are crafted exclusively for Baba Souk. They are handmade by a group of women who work together to produce each rug. They are made of leftover cotton textile scraps from clothing factories. Isn’t it such an amazing way to recycle fabrics? Their fun colors and amazing textures make them the BEST option for a kid’s room (but I also have one in my room!).

Condition: New
Availability: Unique design, only one of each available
Hand feel: They have a textured cotton hand feel and a fun quirky texture (Babies love them!)
Pile: They are low pile, around 0.5-1″

The best part about these rugs? They are machine washable. YES! Click right here for our complete guide on how to care for and wash your Moroccan cotton rugs.


Moroccan Rugs – Beni Ourain Rugs

moroccan rugs beni ourain

Characterized by thick luxurious white wool and minimalist black lines, the story behind Beni Ourain rugs is quite interesting. The nomadic Beni Ourain tribes used these rugs to cover their floors. They lived in tents in the snow-capped Atlas Mountains where winter is particularly rough. They typically used these thick pile wool rugs for floor insulation, bedding, and blankets to stay warm during harsh winters. You now understand why Beni Ourain rugs are so comfy and thick! Walking on a Beni Ourain rug might be the comfiest feeling ever. We make them from 100% wool. They bring warmth and a beautiful feeling of comfort to any room in a house.

FAQ: “How can I make sure my rug is authentic and handmade?”

One sad development about these particular Moroccan rugs is that they are increasingly being knocked off by Turkish and Chinese factories. If you want to make sure your rug is authentic and handmade, take a look at the reverse side of the rug. If it’s a real Beni Ourain, the knotting will be irregular. A knock-off would have super straight cuts and knots that only a machine would be able to make. Also, many sellers will tell you your rug really has been made by the original Beni Ourain tribe. While it is possible, it’s most probably not true. Since demand for these types of rugs is quite high these days, most Beni Ourain style carpets are made in organized women’s cooperatives. This is a great thing for the workers because it ensures that they are being paid fairly for their work and have good working conditions.

Rest assured, our Beni Ourain rugs are still handwoven with virgin wool. Only experts can see the difference of an authentic Beni Ourain rug. The main difference is that authentic Beni Ourain rugs are now considered antique rugs and have a more vintage look. Our team of artisans has crafted our Beni Ourain Rugs, which are brand new.

Condition: New
Availability: We usually have some in stock and we can also have one made in a specific size for you as we work directly with a team of Moroccan artisans. Email us with your request and we’ll get back to you shortly.
Hand feel: They have the softest, most luxurious thick wool hand feel you’ll ever encounter! Walking on a Beni Ourain rug feels like a dream.
Pile: We usually carry medium pile rugs, they are easier to maintain, and their thickness is about 1”.

Click here to read our wool rug care instructions.

FAQ: “Do your rugs shed a lot?” We get this question often and the answer is no. We take special care in making our rugs. Our makers know we accept only high-quality wool. We inspect each rug prior to shipping and make sure the quality is amazing.

FAQ: “I have two dogs, a black cat and a toddler, should I buy a white Beni Ourain rug?” When I receive this type of question I ALWAYS want to be honest.

A white rug is a white rug… If your animals have dark fur and sleep on your beautiful rug (And I’m pretty sure they will because it’s so cozy!) it probably isn’t the best fit for your home… However, if you’re okay with regularly maintaining and cleaning the wool, the good thing with a natural fiber is that stains can easily be removed. If you have it professionally cleaned, it will come out like new. Also, a rug in a bedroom is easier to maintain than a rug in a living room, so consider where you’re going to put it as well. I always recommend colourful wool rugs for busy families, while they are as cozy as a white Beni Ourain rugs, they are easier to care for.


Moroccan Rugs – Colourful wool

moroccan rugs colourful wool

How they are made:
Moroccan wool rugs are a combination of virgin sheep wool and dyed wool, they usually have a lighter background complemented with graphic abstract patterns like diamonds or squares. They are hand-woven following traditional weaving methods. Mothers pass down the art of making rugs to their daughters. Makers of these Moroccan rugs usually come from the Azilal region of the High Atlas Mountains north-east of Marrakesh. Depending on how many women work on the same rug, it can take as long as one month to finish a single carpet.

Our new collection of pastel gradient wool rugs are simply stunning. The colours are exceptionally beautiful. It’s hard to explain, you need to see one in person to understand the deepness of its beauty! (Not even exaggerating, haha!) If you’ve fallen in love with one, I’d say GO FOR IT. They are an exceptional piece of art, unique and all one-of-a-kind, they sell out very fast.

Wool rugs are soft and comfy. It is quite common to find a Moroccan rug that isn’t perfectly symmetrical. One side of the rug might be slightly larger, or uneven than the other side. This is the beauty of irregular handmade work and only adds charm to a handmade rug. Moroccan rugs create an instant point of interest with their amazing texture and colors and make the perfect statement piece for a modern decor.

Condition: New
Availability: Usually, only one of each is available but we can also have most designs made in a specific size for you as we work directly with a team of Moroccan artisans. Email us with your request and we’ll get back to you shortly.
Hand feel: Soft and comfy
Pile: They are usually medium pile, 1″.

FAQ: “What’s the difference between a cotton rug and a wool rug?” The short answer is: They have a very different hand feel and texture. We make our cotton rugs from recycled cotton. While they offer a super textured and fun hand feel, a wool rug provides a softer and cozier experience. We love both! For me, a cotton rug is perfect for a kids bedroom, their fun colours and patterns add so much joy in a space. The smaller rugs are perfect for an entryway or a kitchen. Cotton rugs are also easier to maintain, as they are machine washable. Wool rugs feel super luxurious and are amazing in a living room and in a master’s bedroom. They bring coziness and warmth to any space in your home.

Care Instruction: Refer to this page and the section Rug Care Instructions for wool rugs.

Moroccan Rugs – Antique Boujad rugs

moroccan rugs boujad baba souk

Boujad rugs are antique, low pile, wool rugs and range from 40-60 years old. Discoloration, signs of usage and repairs might appear. It’s part of the look! We don’t always carry boujad rugs but when we have some you can bet it’s an amazing find. We select them super carefully and make sure they’re in great shape.

Please note: These rugs are completely handmade and antique. Their imperfections tell us the story of the rug and give it its authentic, one-of-a-kind personality. We inspect them prior to shipping and make sure they don’t have any holes, we also have them professionally cleaned here in Canada. Art collectors consider Boujad rugs to be more abstract creations and collectible pieces of art.

Condition: Antique rugs that range from 40-60 years old
Availability: One-of-a-kind rugs.
Hand feel: Soft
Pile: Low pile, 0.5-1″

Boujad rugs have the same care instructions as regular wool rugs, click here for our care instruction guide.


Rugs by Baba Souk

bathroom rug baba souk

We’ve been looking for years for easy-to-maintain, cool, fun and colourful rugs that would be practical for the kitchen, bathroom and high-traffic living areas without breaking the bank. The rugs needed to be machine washable, resistant and easy to care for and most importantly, the designs needed to be as cool as our Moroccan rugs! We had to be able to have more than one of each made, which is not possible with handmade Moroccan rugs. After years of research, we’ve had to design our own Baba Souk rugs!

To be fully transparent, Moroccan arts and crafts artisans lack the necessary equipment for duplicating rugs in a manufacturing environment, so, unfortunately, Morocco wasn’t an option. We design our rugs here at our Baba Souk Montreal office and we’re currently working with a small Indian factory to have them made. We still make them by hand and we fairly pay the workers. In India, they have facilities and tools to help workers make several units of the same rug design. It’s not anything like a real Moroccan rug, nothing will ever surpass the feeling and quality of a real handmade Moroccan rug! But they are an amazing compromise.

We craft our Baba Souk rugs from tufted cotton, delivering a soft hand feel and making it easy to remove stains. Just throw it in the machine and it feels brand new. You can hang it to dry or tumble dry. We have designed our Baba Souk rugs with lower price points and with busy families (like mine!) in mind. We hope you’ll love them as much as we do.


Go see our rugs styled in a bunch of different decors head over to our Instagram account for tons of Home Decor Inspiration.

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