Moroccan rugs – Our Latest Baba Souk Collection

Our latest Moroccan rug collection is straight-up dreamy! If you’re new here, let me tell you the story about how I select authentic Moroccan rugs for Baba Souk, it’s very simple: I follow my heart! And yes, this is the exact advice I give my clients when they’re trying to select a Baba Souk rug but hey struggle to pick the one:

“Purchasing a Moroccan rug should be the same process as selecting a piece of art for your home: When your heart flips, you know you’re making the right decision.”

A Moroccan rug is a collectible piece of art and should be purchased based on love at first sight – not practicality. After all, if you take care of your rug properly, you will cherish it for a lifetime.

Moroccan rugs, colorful wool carpets, Baba Souk

Find Your Perfect Match: Moroccan Rugs for different styles

It’s always hard to pick amongst hundreds of rugs but I’ve been working with the same artisans over the years and they now understand our Baba Souk aesthetics. Truth to be told and a lot of people do not believe me but it’s actually very hard to find the cutest rugs when you’re shopping at the regular Moroccan souk market. You need to literally go through hundreds and hundreds of piled-up rugs to find the hidden gems. I used to do that and I still do when I visit Marrakech but nowadays, I have rugs made especially for us to make sure they are on brand.

For this collection, I’ve been super inspired by Modern wool rugs with simple and bold patterns. They’re very cool and reminded me of my art history class when I learned about abstract art and the Color Field Painting movement. Look at this stunning painting by Mark Rothko, Orange, Red, Yellow to see what I mean.

Moroccan rugs, modern wool carpets, Baba Souk

modern Moroccan rugs from Baba Souk

I was also head over heels for a handful of pastel beauties! These are very hard to find with such gorgeous color palettes so if you’re feeling hit by Cupid just like me, don’t hesitate, they’re going to go fast!

Moroccan rugs pink wool gradient Baba Souk

A Moroccan rug is a collectible piece of art

This one is very special! It was love at first sight for me despite the very different – and not my usual – color palette! It’s a piece of art! It immediately made me think of Gustav Klimt’s iconic paintings. I just can’t wait to see this iconic rug in one of your gorgeous living rooms! One of my guilty pleasures is peeking at our clients’ decor. I absolutely love it when you guys kindly send me pictures of your homes!

Moroccan rugs colorful patterns Baba Souk

This is a small rug collection but  we’ve incorporate a few classics! The black dots are always a sure bet and I love their feminine twist on the classic Beni Ourain rug. I also selected a few minimalist rugs with gorgeous wool and engraved patterns if you’re looking for something super cozy with a calmer look.

Moroccan Rugs, White wool with black dots, Beni Ourain, Baba Souk


Moroccan rugs, white wool, Beni Ourain, Baba Souk

Recycled Textiles: Cotton Moroccan Rugs
Cotton rugs with cute colors are also (believe it or not) very hard to find! Sometimes, I sense that Moroccan rugs’ color palettes don’t quite hit the mark. The colors sometimes don’t match up. Colors are super subjective so I might be wrong! Anyhow, I’ve been working very hard with artisans to infuse Baba Souk’s color palette in their amazing creations. It’s a challenge! Firstly, because artisans craft the rugs with 100% recycled fabric, even if you find the perfect pink, it might not be available for the next rug. But isn’t it cool that we’re recycling fast fashion waste and creating the cutest rugs with fabric that would otherwise be thrown away? My mind is just blown away by the thought!

So many small cute rugs just hit the shop!

Moroccan rugs, small, colorful, Baba Souk

If you’ve been on the lookout for a small cute rug you’re going to be served with this collection! As much as I wanted to buy larger rugs all the cutest ones I could find were small! But I mean who could resist all this cuteness? Moroccan Cotton rugs are my favorite for kids’ bedroom and the small ones are adorable to put beside a bed. I agree they’re a bit small but they really do add tons of fun, color, and texture! You can use these small Moroccan rugs in a kitchen or entryway as well. The best part: Since they’re small and not too heavy you can wash them in the machine. Yes, don’t be afraid, it’s true. Read all our best tips to wash your Moroccan rugs right here.

We do have new 5×7 cotton rugs but I wish I had found more cute ones! These are my personal faves. The colors and patterns are so fun, they add a ton of personality to any room. These are my go-to for a kids’ bedroom. I love how they are super versatile and can adapt with the decor style of a growing kid. I’ve seen these cotton rugs fit in nurseries, toddlers’, big kids’, teenager’s bedroom and even adults’ decor! They’re more robust and resistant so they can evolve with your kid’s style as long as you take good care if it! My pro tip is: don’t wait for it to look dirty to wash it! You need to maintain it and depending on usage. Wash it at least twice a year to keep it looking like new. Again read all our best rug cleaning tips right here.

colorful Moroccan rugs, cotton, Baba Souk

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