A Happy Boho Living Room

While visiting our friend, Maca – who just moved into the cutest house – we were inspired to create a happy bohemian living room. Not only is this theme very well suited to her fun personality, but, to be honest, our Montreal winter is never ending this year and we really needed some happy colour therapy! Speaking of which, if you need a dose of colour, pickup your phone to check out Maca’s Instagram profile, it’s candy for your eyes!

moroccan rug bohemian living room

A big dose of colour, wonderful textures & plants is a sure way to create a happy space. Also, I’ve said this so many times, all you need is a Moroccan rug 😉 It’s the centrepiece you need to start creating your decor. We picked this one, which is a super colourful Azilal rug and paired it with these wonderfully textured Boucherouite pillows. Add a few baskets to the mix and start creating a fun bohemian decor. You’ll need a few plants, of course, and our must have gold pouf. Add a few of your favorite posters and there you go! It’s really not as complicated as it looks. Start by picking your rug and your sofa, then create a fun colour palette with accessories.

moroccan rug happy bohemian living room baba souk
These are the Baba Souk items we used to style Maca’s living room:
1. Our favorite Fatima Peace poster, this luscious Monstera leaf poster. 2. Boucherouite Pillows. 3. This Azilal Moroccan rug. 4. Some cute Moroccan baskets. 5. Our fave vegan gold pouf.

moroccan rug bohemian living room

I love this view. I wouldn’t mind hanging there on a cold winter day! Oh by the way, if you haven’t read Justina Blakeney’s new book yet, The New Bohemians Handbook, I highly recommend it. It’s super inspiring and the subtitle “Come Home to Good Vibes” describes it perfectly. A great weekend read! – Stephanie


Location: Maca
Styling: Camille Picard
Pictures: Baba Souk

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DIY Latte Heart – Baba Souk X Maca

We are so excited about our first video in collab with our girl Maca. Just in time for Valentines Day. Spread the love one latte at a time!

DIY Latte Heart – Baba Souk X Maca from Baba Souk on Vimeo.

latte heart DIY learn how to make a heart in your latte


  • Make your Espresso Coffee and Froth your milk.
  • Swirl your milk around and tap the frothing jug on the table a few times.
  • Pour a bit of milk into your espresso and swirl around again.
  • Hold your mug at an angle so the froth pours out.
  • Then straighten the jug + mug so the froth stops pouring out.
  • Make a straight line movement to finish your heart shape.

PS: How cute are these Moroccan ceramic mugs? Find them right here


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6 Essentials For A Stunning Living Room

I know creating a décor can be daunting. Where to start? What to focus on? We’ve been there. Since we’ve been coming up with lots of options for our photoshoots, we’ve had a bit of practice and we realize there are a few basic rules to keep in mind. If you have no idea where to begin and you love that timeless classic boho living room style, you can easily recreate it with these 6 must-have items.

Essentials For A Stunning Living Room moroccan rug morooccan pouf

1.  A Moroccan Rug

Of course, you know I’ve always said a Moroccan rug can make a décor. Well, believe me, it’s true. If you prefer a classic style like this décor we shot at the Damask & Dentelle Apartment, I’d say go for a timeless Beni Ourain rug. It’s the coziest and it has that minimalist look that will never go out of style. Beni Ourain rugs are handmade and are made to last a lifetime. I know people are worried about getting a white rug but they can easily be cleaned by professionals. Since it’s made of natural wool, the stains will easily come out and your rug will look new again. We have a bunch online right now, have a look right here. If you can’t find the size you’re looking for, we can always look into a custom option with you, just get in touch.

2. A Velvet couch

Velvet adds tons of sophistication to a room. It’s rich, cozy and the trend is not going anywhere anytime soon. Pick a colour you’ve always loved. This teal looks pretty amazing to me. (The couch is from West Elm) I love its mid-century look.

3. A charismatic light fixture

This will add tons of style to your room. Look around for gorgeous vintage options at your local flea markets or shop around the web for some stunning options. This one is from West Elm again but I’ve seen lots of options on Etsy.

moroccan rug morooccan pouf Essentials For A Stunning Living Room

4. A Moroccan Pouf

It does it every time. Just add a Moroccan pouf or two in your living room and it instantly creates a low seating option that makes for a warm, cozy atmosphere. You’ll see you’ll want to hang out in that room. Gold is also one of our go-to options. It looks great in all sorts of decors and it adds light and texture to a room. Our classic Tan leather Moroccan pouf is also a sure bet.

moroccan rug morooccan pouf Essentials For A Stunning Living Room

5. A statement piece on your wall

An easy one! Add something large that has character to your living room wall. It could be a big vintage map like this one (from Damask & Dentelle Apartment), a big painting is always a good idea, it could also be a framed poster or a piece of fabric you love. Framed fabric is an inexpensive, fun solution. Vintage maps are also always cool. They add a bit of a Brooklyn flair to the mix.

6. Colourful throw pillows

You’re almost done! You’ll need a few textured throw pillows. We LOVE our one-of-a-kind Boucherouite pillows because they have this pretty amazing mix of weaved colours – but as long as your pillows have interesting texture and colours – they should work!

moroccan rug morooccan pouf Essentials For A Stunning Living Room

These are the 6 key elements you’ll need to put together a stunning living room that has tons of personality. Start with these 6 items and you’ll see your living room decor will come together pretty easily. Of course, afterwards, you’ll add your plants and a few treasures to make it your own but following these basic rules will give you an amazing start! – Stephanie

Pictures: Baba Souk
Location: Damask & Dentelle Apartment,
Styling: Camille Picard





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Prettiest Moroccan Ceramic Bowls & How To Update Your Everyday Smoothie

We’re starting the year with lots of good intentions and updating our everyday smoothie is just a tiny thing we can all do to keep healthy eating fun – and pretty – especially with our new Moroccan ceramic bowls.

moroccan ceramic bowls healthy smoothie recipe

These ceramic bowls make anything look yummier – no joke. (We have them in soft purple or soft forest green (and they look beautiful paired together.)

moroccan ceramic bowls healthy smoothie recipe

Our foodie friend, Emilie Murmure, put together this simple vegan smoothie you can easily make in the morning. The secret is to keep it fresh with beautiful toppings.

One serving of Smoothie :

  • One cup of Almond milk (Use regular milk if you prefer.)
  • One cup of frozen fruit (Blueberries, strawberries, raspberries or berries, whatever you have on hand. You can, of course, use fresh fruit, frozen fruit only makes it easier to plan.)
  • One banana
  • One teaspoon of chia seeds.
  • One teaspoon of maca powder.

Use a blender to mix everything together until you get the perfect creamy smoothie texture.

moroccan ceramic bowls easy smoothie bowl recipe

Topping :

  • Small fruit like fresh raspberries or blueberries.
  • Add some star fruit and figs to make it pretty.
  • Add some dragon fruit balls. (See tip below.)
  • Chia seeds.

TIP: Use a small melon baller spoon to make dragon fruit balls, they’ll make any smoothie bowl look prettier and it’s a very fun kitchen utensil to make beautiful fruit salads. Use this spoon to make watermelon balls, cantaloupe or honeydew balls.

moroccan ceramic bowls easy smoothie bowl recipe

Serve your smoothie in our gorgeous Moroccan ceramic bowls and enjoy the fest!

Recipe & pictures: Emilie Murmure
Styling: Camille Picard & Emilie Gaillet.

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Our New Moroccan Ceramic Vases – DIY Winter Bouquet

moroccan ceramic vase winter bouquet diy

We’re so in love with our new Moroccan ceramic vases. They are handmade and hand painted in Morocco, each one is unique and you can tell they have been made by hand which makes them extra special. We have them in forest green as pictured, black & white and soft purple. 
We have an easy DIY winter bouquet idea for you! Way better than a grocery bouquet and not that expensive, this one cost less than $30.

moroccan ceramic vase winter bouquet diy

Here’s a list of flowers you’ll need, if you’d like to make one yourself:

From left to right:
Orange Protea, a few branches of pine (that were found for free in our backyard!), eucalyptus, a few skimmia branches and one burgundy Calla.

We suggest buying each branch individually at your local florist or market, it’s way cheaper than buying already arranged bouquets (and more fun too!) You can pretend you’re a florist for a few minutes (dream job).

It’s so easy to put together and it makes a lovely winter bouquet to offer as a hostess gift or simply to bring a little winter magic into your home.

PS: Have you seen our new ceramic collection? Click right here to check it out.


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