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A Printable Grocery List

This cute printable grocery list was created for my latest DesignLoveFest blog column. It was inspired by your comments from the previous one. You guys said you wanted a printable grocery list, so here it is! I thought it was a great idea because if you’re anything like me, you ALWAYS forget something when you go grocery shopping… I’m sticking this one on my fridge! Click here to print some out. Hope you enjoy! -Stephanie


You can download it and print it out, right here!


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The Cutest Vases

These little handmade vases by Japanese artist Lee Ros are just too cute for words. I just adore the way you can change their hairdo by adding just a handful of flowers. Adorbs! The perfect gift for your quirky girlfriend or your little niece! (Warning: You might be tempted to keep it for yourself!) They just make everybody smile. Click over here to shop! –Stephanie


Pink Lady Vase


Kokeshi Vase


Dotto Vase


Feste Vase

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Baba Souk’s Latest Dazzle

Let’s start the week with a dash of bright blue, some neon pink and an overall positive vibe! These illustrations our inspiring are right now.


Marie-France & Stephanie

1. Emily Rickard  2. Anke Weckmann  3. Daniela Dahf Henriquez  4.Georgiana Paraschiv 5. Unknown  6. Lindsay Cowles

*We do our very best to find the source of the featured artist’s work, however sometimes the source is lost in the www space and we can’t find it. If ever you happen to know to whom it belongs, please drop us a line in the comments below and we’ll happily update the missing link.



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