Baba Souk has a new logo!

baba souk happy home decor new logo 2020

Meet our new Baba Souk logo! 🙂 When we finally decided we needed a logo update (like a year ago) I first thought to myself, well, I’m technically a graphic designer (studied in graphic art at university), I should probably design it myself. Then I tried. Then I tried again… Something felt wrong. I just couldn’t do it on my own. So I reached out to one of my favorite local graphic designers, Catherine Lavoie. She created some very cool options but I couldn’t decide. That’s not like me, I usually know what I like within a second. I loved her proposition but it needed something more… Handmade!

Thanks to Instagram, I found this very talented calligraphy artist Seulghi. I combined both of their talents and created a logo! I’m so happy with the result and I hope you’ll love our new Baba Souk logo!

I’m realizing more and more that it takes a constellation of stars to create something real good! – Stephanie