Prettiest Moroccan Ceramic Bowls & How To Update Your Everyday Smoothie

We’re starting the year with lots of good intentions and updating our everyday smoothie is just a tiny thing we can all do to keep healthy eating fun – and pretty – especially with our new Moroccan ceramic bowls.

moroccan ceramic bowls healthy smoothie recipe

These ceramic bowls make anything look yummier – no joke. (We have them in soft purple or soft forest green (and they look beautiful paired together.)

moroccan ceramic bowls healthy smoothie recipe

Our foodie friend, Emilie Murmure, put together this simple vegan smoothie you can easily make in the morning. The secret is to keep it fresh with beautiful toppings.

One serving of Smoothie :

  • One cup of Almond milk (Use regular milk if you prefer.)
  • One cup of frozen fruit (Blueberries, strawberries, raspberries or berries, whatever you have on hand. You can, of course, use fresh fruit, frozen fruit only makes it easier to plan.)
  • One banana
  • One teaspoon of chia seeds.
  • One teaspoon of maca powder.

Use a blender to mix everything together until you get the perfect creamy smoothie texture.

moroccan ceramic bowls easy smoothie bowl recipe

Topping :

  • Small fruit like fresh raspberries or blueberries.
  • Add some star fruit and figs to make it pretty.
  • Add some dragon fruit balls. (See tip below.)
  • Chia seeds.

TIP: Use a small melon baller spoon to make dragon fruit balls, they’ll make any smoothie bowl look prettier and it’s a very fun kitchen utensil to make beautiful fruit salads. Use this spoon to make watermelon balls, cantaloupe or honeydew balls.

moroccan ceramic bowls easy smoothie bowl recipe

Serve your smoothie in our gorgeous Moroccan ceramic bowls and enjoy the fest!

Recipe & pictures: Emilie Murmure
Styling: Camille Picard & Emilie Gaillet.