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Leaf Posters – Free Printable!

You have probably noticed the big leaf buzz in the interior decorating world lately. Fern leaves, monstera & palm leaves are in the spotlight! We love this trend and so I’ve decided to make some printable leaf artwork for my collab with the Designlovefest blog. If you need to add a little boho touch to your decor, just go ahead and print out these 4 leaf prints! We’d love to see them in your pics! Tag us via Instagram so we can see. Have fun! –Stephanie


4 leaf prints (free printable), This rug, this handira blanket.



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DIY Workshops / Ateliers –Montréal



DIY Workshops –Montréal
In collaboration with Miss Cloudy, Baba Souk is hosting a series of creative workshops in its colorful Montreal loft!

We’d like to invite you to a creative party! Join us and rediscover the joy of working with your hands! Meet inspiring people and enjoy a festive snack. No need to be an accomplished artist to subscribe, the only requirement is to be willing to have some fun!

Welcome to our world, a world of confetti, funky colors, creative crafts and a big dose of inspiration! Click here for more info.

Ateliers DIY -Montreal
Baba Souk, en collaboration avec Miss Cloudy, vous présente une série d’ateliers festifs en vous accueillant dans leur loft coloré, complètement Baba!  

On vous invite à une fête créative où l’on retrouve soudainement le plaisir de créer avec nos mains! Rencontres inspirantes et goûter festif sont au rendez-vous. Nul besoin d’être une artiste accomplie pour vous inscrire, seule l’envie de vous amuser est requise! 

Bienvenue dans notre monde, un monde de confettis, de couleurs funky, de bricolages raffinés et de créations inspirées. Par ici pour plus d’infos!

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Free Printable -Jam Labels

Will you be making homemade jam this year? A few weeks ago, I designed some printable jam stickers that you can print out from home. This project was designed for the DesignLoveFest blog. We thought it would be fun to decorate our jars of homemade jams and make them ready to gift! We used chalk spray paint to make the lids black and we simply glued the printed jam stickers on the jars. Pretty slick, right? Go ahead and download our strawberry jam and peach stickers! -Stephanie





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DIY -Lemonade Papier Mache

Here in Montreal, summer is still on!  It’s 40 degrees celsius out there and it’s a scorcher!! We are in a lemonade mood. Our latest papier mache craft involves a big slice of lemon and a juicy peach!



I won’t go go through how to make papier because we explained everything over here. Check it out and have fun making some fruity papier mache with your kiddos. It’s the same technique as this paper heart we made, except you need to adapt the shape of your frame to fit the fruit you choose. This lemon slice was so fun to make!


I love to keep all of our papier mache creations in the office, they add a bit of quirkiness to our decor! These fruity shapes would look so cute in your little munchkin’s room too. Have you seen the donut papier mache shape we made a few months ago?


This colourful garland is super easy to make too. Just use white cardboard and cut pieces into flag shapes. Then, paint the flags with using fun colors and wait until they dry. You can use a sharpie felt pen to trace your letters. Use a punch to make the top holes  and pass some ribbon through them. Tadam! You’ve made a very cute garland in a snap!

Ps: You’re a peach! -Stephanie & Camille

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The Majorelle Garden, Marrakech

If Marrakech is on your destination list, make sure you drop by the Majorelle Garden. This cobalt blue oasis was designed by French artist, Jacques Majorelle. When Yves St-Laurent and Pierre Bergé came across this hidden gem, they decided to restore the garden and opened it to the public in 1947. Yves Saint-Laurent actually lived in that blue house and after he died, his ashes were scattered in the Majorelle Garden.


I arrived at the Majorelle garden bright and early, (it gets super crowded) and tried to capture all its beauty for you guys. The vegetation is incredibly luscious! It’s a crazy mix of giant cacti, so many different succulents and palm trees, lots of tall bamboo plants and large pathways bordered by big colorful planters. Add huge stands of bougainvillea, a large a pond with water-lilies, an amazing blue house with bright yellow accents and there you are, in an exotic Yves Saint-Laurent dream. -Stephanie













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