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Easy Holiday DIY & Our Fave Stocking Stuffer Ideas

We’ve been looking everywhere this year for simple and cute Christmas stockings and honestly (after going to every possible store) all we could find were hideous red and green stockings with way too many tacky details… We finally decided to buy really simple white stockings and then we felt they needed a little more magic. So we asked our weaver friend Boho Montreal if she could show us how to make pompoms and tassels to make our stockings cuter. Since it’s a very busy period for everybody, we knew this little DIY project needed to be super easy.

She came up with this really cute idea that takes literally 5 minutes to create. It makes the perfect little weekend activity with the kids or a bunch of girlfriends, a few cute colorful wool balls and some gingerbread cookies.

  • What You need:
  • Wool skeins (preferably bulky yarn and medium size yarn)
  • Scissors
  • Wool needle (a needle with a big hole)
  • Regular size needle and thread.
  • Gingerbread cookies , optional 😉

holiday diy stocking stuffers ideas

  • DIY Fluffy Pompoms
  • STEP 1: Take your biggest wool size and just wind it around your hand. It’s way easier if you use bulky wool.
  • STEP 2: Remove the “yarn” from your hand. Take an 8″ (20cm) piece of wool and tie it in the middle with a regular knot. (See below)
  • STEP 3: Cut both ends with your scissors and then fluff it out. You can trim your pompom to perfect your pompom’s shape.

diy pompoms tassels stocking stuffers ideas

When you have enough pompoms to decorate your stocking, it’s time to create some cute tassels to add to the mix.

diy pompoms tassels stocking stuffers

  • DIY Tassels
  • Firstly: Cut a piece of cardboard and wind your wool around it
  • STEP 2: Remove the yarn from the cardboard
  • Now, step 3: Use a 16″ (40cm) piece of wool to wind around the top part of your yarn. (see figure 4. of the above picture)
  • STEP 4: This is what your tassel should look like. Follow the steps below.

holiday diy stocking stufferspompoms and tassels

  • Figure A: Cut the end.
  • Figure B: Thread an 8″ (20cm) piece of wool using a wool needle. Make a knot at the end.
  • Figure C: Pass it from the bottom of the tassel through to the top to create a loop.

holiday diy stocking stuffers pompoms and tassels

Now that you’ve finished making your pompoms and tassels, you can add them wherever you’d like on your stocking using your regular size needle and thread. Tadam! Your stocking is way cuter 🙂

Our Favorite Stocking Stuffer Gift Ideas:

1. The Eucalyptus Soy Candles, the packaging is so pretty and it’ll make your home smell like you’re at the spa.
2. Handmade ceramic plates by local artist Cybele B Pilon. They are simply stunning.
3. Our Sage lavender & Rose smudge sticks. Good vibes only!
4. A Moroccan Ceramic Mug for your favorite coffee or tea lover.
5. This fluffy Wall Hanging handmade locally by Boho Montreal.

Hope you guys will try this easy Holiday DIY project. Tag us if you do! We’d love to see your creations.

*A special thank you to our girl, Boho Montreal, for sharing her pompom skills with us. Who knew it was so easy!

– Stephanie

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Festive Holiday Hot Chocolate – Vegan

We are just so into the holiday mood, playing outside, cocooning inside and spending well-deserved off-time with family and friends. It’s pure magic!

moroccan ceramic mugs handmade hot chocolate recipe

We teamed up with a very talented friend of ours, Emilie Gaillet (you guys need to go check out her blog right here, it’s pure eye candy) to create an easy-to-make, vegan hot chocolate recipe. Of course, it looks gorgeous in our Moroccan ceramic mugs (which make a very heartfelt gift by the way) but I assure you it tastes ALMOST as good in any mug 😉

moroccan ceramic mugs safi hot chocolate recipe

Delight your guests with this cozy hot treat:

Ingredients :

  • 4 cups of almond milk (you can use regular milk if you prefer)
  • 4 table spoons of cocoa
  • 3 table spoons of real Canadian maple sirop
  • 1/3 tea spoon of ground vanilla (you can replace it with vanilla extract)
  • 2 table spoons of hazelnut butter


  • Your favorite caramel popcorn.


In a saucepan, heat over medium heat the almond milk and cocoa powder. Whisk together all the ingredients (except the popcorn). Serve hot with caramel popcorn on top. Yum!

moroccan ceramic mugs hot chocolate recipe holidays

These beautiful Moroccan ceramic mugs are available in 4 colors: Red, Soft Forest Green, Turquoise and Purple. They are the perfect size for coffee or tea and make the prettiest little gift. We are madly in love!

moroccan ceramic mugs hot chocolate recipe vegan

Please visit Emilie’s blog for the French recipe. (Version française sur le blogue d’Émilie)

Recipe & pictures: Emilie Murmure
Styling: Camille Picard & Emilie Gaillet.


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Gift Ideas – What I am gifting this year

gift ideas gift guide gifts for her handmade baba souk

1. For my best friend, our Baba argan oil that does wonders on one’s face, hair & body. She deserves it.
2. The cutest ring holder for my cousin who’s getting married next year.
3. A very fun & cute hostess gift for any party you attend. Our cloud pot holder.
4. My baby boy has a fixation on bunnies. He’ll love this one.
5. This neon heart screen print for my friend Julie who just had a baby girl.
6. The cool cacti knitted throw. For my hip cousin Dan.
7. This pink cactus pillow with pompoms for my little friend Violette. Because she’s the cutest.
8. This timeless adjustable bracelet, one for my auntie, one for my sister in law, one for my favorite neighbor.
9. This cute pompom slingshot. It Just makes the best stocking stuffer ever.
10. This gorgeous vegan gold pouf for my beloved friend Gab who’s been wanting one for years.

Shop all our gift ideas over here!

Have fun picking the perfect gifts -Stephy


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Holiday Gift-Wrapping Papers – Free Downloads

It’s our favorite time of year again, the gift-giving season! And it has now become a tradition to offer you guys free holiday gift-wrapping downloads! Hope you’ll love this year’s collection designed by our talented friend & collaborator, Marie-France.

Holiday gift-wrapping

I love them so much I can’t really decide on my favorite! You can download all the designs over here! We made them 11″x17” so you can print them out on larger paper if you’d like.

Holiday gift-wrapping

Hope you‘ll have fun with it! Wrapping gifts is the best, isn’t it? Show us the gifts you’ve wrapped up with our Baba papers, we’d love to see! Tag us via Instagram.

Holiday gift-wrapping

I think this one is my fave gift-wrapping from this year’s collection!

Holiday gift-wrapping

We went a little wild this year with our holiday décor, this tinsel mint tree reminds me of the 90’s! We thought it deserved some pompoms. Cute vibe right? Thanks to or collaborator Camille for this fun styling!

A few holiday must haves: This heart print, this pillow, this pompom garland and this gold pouf! 

Holiday gift-wrapping

Print these out & have your little munchkins color our Christmas trees!

Holiday gift-wrapping

Check out our top 25 gift suggestions over here. Happy wrapping party! –Stephanie

Holiday gift-wrapping


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Baba Pop Boutique!

Montreal friends! Come and shop our treasures straight from the Baba loft! We are open to the public this Saturday December 19th from 11 am to 6 pm. We’re having a gift wrapping party! 🙂

Where? 2019 Moreau Street, Suite #300, Montreal.
H1W 2M1. From 11AM to 6 PM.


Also, come and grab your copy of Damask & Dentelle’s new book! Vanessa Sicotte will be here at 1PM to sign your copy! 🙂


Amis de Montréal, venez magasiner vos cadeaux directement au Baba loft ce samedi 19 décembre à compter de 11h à 18h. Nous organisons un party d’emballage cadeaux! 🙂

Aussi, venez chercher votre copie du nouveau livre de Damask & Dentelle! Vanessa Sicotte sera présente à partir de 13h pour dédicacer votre copie!

Où? 2019 rue Moreau, suite #300, Montréal, H1W 2M1 De 11h AM à 6 PM.


À bientôt! -Stephanie

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