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Baba Pop Boutique!

Montreal friends! Come and shop our treasures straight from the Baba loft! We are open to the public this Saturday December 19th from 11 am to 6 pm. We’re having a gift wrapping party! 🙂

Where? 2019 Moreau Street, Suite #300, Montreal.
H1W 2M1. From 11AM to 6 PM.


Also, come and grab your copy of Damask & Dentelle’s new book! Vanessa Sicotte will be here at 1PM to sign your copy! 🙂


Amis de Montréal, venez magasiner vos cadeaux directement au Baba loft ce samedi 19 décembre à compter de 11h à 18h. Nous organisons un party d’emballage cadeaux! 🙂

Aussi, venez chercher votre copie du nouveau livre de Damask & Dentelle! Vanessa Sicotte sera présente à partir de 13h pour dédicacer votre copie!

Où? 2019 rue Moreau, suite #300, Montréal, H1W 2M1 De 11h AM à 6 PM.


À bientôt! -Stephanie

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A few pics from our Baba Souk Pop-Up!

Thanks to everyone who dropped by our Pop-Up boutique, it was so much fun! And you guys are the sweetest, we’re feeling so grateful to have clients like you! May your holidays be filled with cookies + luv!


My crafty friend Camille helped me out and created this awesome Baba tree! I was really impressed! It’s just perfect.


My favorite helpers! These girls are true gems. Shiliconfetti and Camille.


Our pegboard table full of Baba treasures.


The marbled balloons were such a good find!


Our little munchkin corner!


Love these colorful logs! A cool DIY by my friend Shiliconfetti.


Here she is with her colorful (and awesome) sweater line!


Oh hi! It’s me. (I’m camera shy!) Are you?


Our necklace wall was so colorful!


We also had a washi tape bar! Thanks to my friend Marisa of Omiyage for this super fun collab!

*Pictures by the talented Emilie Gaillet

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Baba Souk Holiday Pop-UP Boutique!

Oyé! Announcing our Holiday Pop-Up boutique here in Montreal. It’s next week, save the date! Come over and pick out the perfect handmade goodies in person. Woot woot! See you there XO -Stephanie


Baba Souk POP-UP!
Espace Pop, 5587 Parc Avenue, Montréal,H2V 4H2
Friday, Dec 19th, 10AM-9PM
Saturday, Dec 20th, 10AM-6PM
Sunday, Dec 21st, 10AM-5PM

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Holiday Pop-Up Boutique

For you guys who don’t live near Montreal and for those who were not able to brave the crazy weather we had, here are a few pics from our latest pop-up boutique! We really felt super down when we woke up Saturday morning under the freezing rain and the mad winds, but everything turned out great, thanks to those Baba shoppers who braved the elements. You are the greatest! It was super fun meeting you, as always. You guys are a true inspiration to us. We can’t wait to host another pop-up! -Stephanie & Sheila


Our big pile of Moroccan pillows.


Sneak peek at our little boutique, you can see our beloved SHiliconfETTI° sweater collection designed by my friend Sheila.


SHiliconfETTI° among her wonderful sweaters.


Our Holiday candy kebabs! These are a tradition now, we only change the candy to fit the mood. See our last summer version over here!


I admit I ate quite a few myself!


Our new Old School Memory Games were a stocking stuffer hit.


Table top view of a bunch of Baba treasures.


Loved these see-through balloons we used as festive props. We added a bunch of neon confetti inside.


Here is a view of the freezing outdoors. See you next time, hopefully in milder weather!

*Huge thanks to our friend, Marie-France, who took the majority of these shots

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Pop-up Boutique

Hi guys, here are a few pictures of our pop-up shop! It was our first pop-up boutique and the experience was more than intense!

We had to bring all our treasures to the shop, every element of the decor and we had to try and create our Baba universe in about 6 hours!! We were like 2 crazy ladies running around everywhere! It was one of the most exhausting experiences ever but in the end, it was so worth it! We loved creating our space and we had a blast meeting all of our Baba shoppers! We met so many beautiful souls over the weekend, we just can’t get over it. Our Baba shoppers were passionate, profound and so funny! Just the way we imagined them in our dreams!



Here you can see our big pile of Moroccan pillows! We loved how it turned out.



Our candy kebabs were a hit!! We are so happy our Baba shoppers also have a sweet tooth!


Our favorite vases by Emily Reinhardt of The Object Enthusiast.





Here you can see the new SHiliconfETTi° clothing collection. My friend and collaborator Sheila creates the most amazing sweaters and they are made locally! This collection is inspired by Holland and should be online in a few weeks! We also created some pillows together and they turned out so cool, I can’t wait to show them to you!


Here is a picture of Sheila & me. We look exhausted but happy!



Our beloved dessert plates by Atelier Make. (They will soon be available in aqua!)




Here you can see an old suitcase filled with hand knitted hats and scarves. They have the most amazing big poms! They are hand-made by Nanoukiko, a talented local designer; they’ll soon be online as well!

We had so much fun, we decided we are going to be repeating the experience in December, just in time for Christmas! Will be back with an entirely different store concept and ambiance! Stay tuned! A special thank you to each and every one who came to visit us. We really feel blessed by your presence and energy. -Stephanie

*Pictures were taken by our talented friend, Emilie Gallet, from the Murmures blog. Thank you so much for these amazing pictures, you are the best!


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