Moroccan Rugs & Kids Bedroom Ideas

Moroccan rugs are so cute in kids’ bedrooms! You might be thinking, but these rugs are a little expensive for kids’ bedrooms, and I totally agree it’s a privilege to even own one. BUT may I say it’s also an investment piece you’ll cherish for a lifetime (If you properly care for it, you can keep it forever. Read all our best care tips right here.) The cool thing about our rugs is that they will grow with the decor of your kid, from nursery to tween rooms, all the way to teenager and adult bedrooms! They are very versatile, and you can create all sorts of decor around them.

I’ve been super inspired to create kids’ bedroom decor mood boards recently! If you don’t know this about me, I have a bachelor’s in graphic design, and I’ve worked as a designer for a big-box company for many years before starting Baba Souk. So mood boards have been my jam for a while. For some reason (maybe because of Pinterest), I haven’t created one for a while! I remember my office being COVERED with magazine clippings back in the day.

I hope to create more mood boards this year in the hope to maybe spark inspiration and ideas for your own decor! I’d love to know if you find them helpful so please let me know!

Beach Bum Moodboard paired with the perfect Moroccan Rug

moord board for a kids bedroom blue beachy

The first mood board I created has a beach/surf vibe; it’s calling the ocean with a touch of aqua or light turquoise blue, pink and corals, wood accents, and a touch of sunny yellow. It would definitely spark joy amid the winter blues!

moroccan rugs, colourful, cotton carpets, baba souk

I’ve paired it with these Moroccan rugs named Ibiza and our staple Sunshine pillows. I can imagine adding something with a palm tree in there, maybe these cute hooks and a tropical plant. I Love these cane doors in aqua blue. So good! A surfboard would be the ultimate accessory. I found this cute decorative board on Etsy; it’s perfect! This mood board could be adapted for both girls’ or boys’ bedroom decor.

Pink & Yellow, Baba Souk’s Fave duo

pink and yellow mood board for a girls bedroom by baba souk

The second mood board is all about the iconic Pink & yellow duo. As always, these two colors are an all-time fave at Baba Souk; I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of these two! One of my favorite Moroccan rugs, Marigold, is the perfect fit for this mood board. (I have one in my grown-up bedroom, and I absolutely adore it, so cozy!) For a sweet little girl, I imagine a mix of pink and flowers, rattan accents, a moon mirror to add some magic, Our pink La Fleur poster. Bunk beds would be so cute (love these) for friends’ sleepovers, and I absolutely adore this Rachel Castle duvet cover. Painting the door in pink would be so fun! I would also maybe paint flowers on one pink wall; these are adorable! But I would also leave a few white walls for breathing. Neon signs would be so fun & cool. A statement gold pendant would be the final luxe touch; love this one from Etsy. This pink nightstand would also be perfect; I own one, and I love it! (Use code BABA10! for 10% OFF)

pink and yellow moroccan rugs, wool carpets, baba souk

Girl Bedroom with a botanic vibe

mood board for a girly bedroom pink bedroom, baba souk

This mood board is for a lively girl’s botanic bedroom inspired by gardening. Our tropical wallpaper and these cotton Moroccan rugs would fit right in! I would add botanical prints and books and of course, our green La Fleur poster. If anyone knows where to buy this pink peace banner, let me know! I would also add all sorts of baskets, plants, and artificial flowers, not usually a fan but these are gorgeous! And stay alive longer 😉 Key colors are pink, green & sage green, and mustard yellow.

moroccan rugs, colourful, babasouk

I hope you enjoyed! I’ll be back with more mood boards and decor ideas, but in the meantime, please reach out if you have any questions. I’d be happy to help you create the decor of your dreams.