Kitchen Runner, Machine Washable – Moroccan Style Rugs

If you’ve been following along, you probably noticed we’re obsessed with Moroccan rugs! Ha! Well, yes, they are amazing high-end handmade rugs, and may I say, very hard to beat! That being said, we’ve been struggling for years with making more than one unit of the same rug. Yes, handmade and unique are amazing, but when you’d like to offer more than one client the same rug, it makes it very hard.

We’ve been dreaming of a machine-washable kitchen runner that would have our own Baba Souk designs. So, after many trials and errors, we finally decided to try a different avenue. We’ve been working with a small but mighty Indian manufacturer to create our pink runners (and also our popular bathmats!). After more than a year of testing and tweaking, we can say our Baba Souk Kitchen runner rug is a new favourite among our clients!

kitchen runner, machine washable rug by Baba Souk

kitchen runner, machine washable rug by Baba Souk

We love how it can fit into different kitchen decors. It can bring such a cool pop of color in a white kitchen or it could also be super fun in a colorful kitchen! We love to see our runner in your kitchen, so if ever you purchase our pink runner, please don’t forget to tag us on Instagram!

Yes, it’s machine washable! The best thing about it is that you can just throw it in the machine and dryer, and the stains are gone! It looks like new. I’ve been testing mine for more than one year, and even with a house full of dangerous little boys (haha, ok, I only have two young boys, but they are the messy type!), it’s surprisingly super resistant. I have washed it an exaggerated number of times to test it out, like maybe 20 times in one year. It still looks amazing, and there are no stains to be found. The only slight downside of washing it super frequently is the colors fade a little since it’s entirely made of cotton, but it’s very subtle, and I still love it very much; it’s only a little less bright after 20+ washes.

kitchen runner, machine washable rug by Baba Souk

kitchen runner, machine washable rug by Baba Souk

Kitchen Runner Care instructions:

– Shake it off outside every week.
– Vacuum regularly.
– Machine wash, COLD water (wash it alone, express or delicate cycle).
– Tumble dry (Best is to dry it alone)*
* You might experience more shedding during the first wash, but this will significantly decrease over time.

kitchen runner, machine washable rug by Baba Souk

Great for hallways too! We’ve created this runner with the kitchen in mind, but they could also be great for entryways and hallways too! We’ve taken a few pictures of it in hallways, and it really looks great.

kitchen runner, machine washable rug by Baba Souk

Rug Pads

Does this rug require a rug pad? We get this question very often, and it’s hard to give a definite answer. I have one in my own kitchen, and we have hardwood floors. I’ve found that it doesn’t require a pad on my floor; even with kids running around, it stays in place. I haven’t tested it for a long period on ceramic, so I’ll have to report back! In the meantime, I can recommend this rug pad from Home Depot; I’ve tested it, and it works great, and you can cut it to the desired size.

Fairtrade Rugs

The factory we’re working with is a small factory that uses hand-operated machines. We treat our suppliers with great respect and kindness. We pay them fairly for their work.

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kitchen runner, machine washable rug by Baba Souk

We’ll definitely add some more color combinations in the future, so keep your eyes peeled! We’re working on a more neutral color combo that might be easier to sell to your spouse, haha! Why? Why do most guys hate pink? They’re missing out 😉

As usual, if you have any other questions regarding this runner or any other Moroccan rug, get in touch via email; we do our best to reply promptly and try to help in any way we can.

– Stephanie