Moroccan rugs & Mood Boards

Pastel Moroccan Rugs

One of the things I really love about Moroccan rugs is that 1 unique rug can inspire me for an entire room design. This mood board named “Danish Pastels” is my favorite! Living with color really helps to lift up the mood, and I’m a little sad that most people live in grey and beige decors; they are missing out. Color is life!

baba souk colorful moroccan rugs

The Moroccan rugs that inspired this mood board are our pastel wool rugs handmade in Morocco. These rugs are truly mesmerizing. They have the most gorgeous gradient of colors, and they are simply stunning. You can see our current selection right here! These rugs can’t be replicated; they are entirely handmade and one-of-a-kind. If you see the rug of your dreams, I highly recommend grabbing it fast. They are even prettier in real life; their beauty is hard to truly capture in a picture. This rug is still available and it’s on sale! It’s so so cool! Someone needs to grab it!

My simple trick for not feeling overwhelmed
One hack I’ve learned over the years is that it’s easier to keep your home all white and uplift the mood with lots of colorful accessories. The white keeps enough white space for not feeling overwhelmed, and accessories can easily be changed. I love to add some colorful accent furniture too!

I owned this coral cabinet, and I truly love it. The color is a very bright coral, and it’s a metal cabinet perfect for hiding kids’ toys and games. You can get 10% OFF with the code: “BABA10!”

I’ve been wanting to buy one of these accent tables and paint it in a fun color like lilac, sky blue or even better – pink! 😉 This one would be very cool painted too!

These pendant lamps are a little over the top expensive but how dreamy! I’ve been eyeing this cute Tulip lamp from Urban Outfitters Home, isn’t it so cute?

The Coziness Of Beni Ourain Moroccan Rugs

On the flip side of colorfulness, there’s coziness! Yes, I love for my home to be colorful and bright, but Beni Ourain creamy wool rugs are the ultimate to create a cozy, relaxing bedroom. Your cozy room could also be a living room, a space to feel relaxed and a bit lazy! (Like Syd below, living his best dog life)

Beni Ourain Moroccan rugs from Baba Souk

Classic dots or black Lines?

Now, the question is, are you on team Classic lines? Or polka dots? I LOVE both; they are classic and timeless and SO freakin’ cozy! BUT I have a soft spot for dots; they are the most fun and feminine.

moroccan rugs, white wool and black dots, baba souk

moroccan rugs, beni ourain, white wool black lines, cozy carpets, baba souk

Have a look at our current gorgeous Beni Ourain rug selection. If you can’t find the perfect size on our website for your space, email us; we make lots of custom rugs for our clients.

In my cozy space, I love to mix in light wood accents, like this gorgeous coffee table from a local brand I love, Found.

I have this headboard currently in my bedroom, and it looks great, easy to install too! Get -10% off with coupon code “BABA10!” right here. I would not recommend it if I didn’t LOVE it! For the record, the only complaint I have is my husband would prefer something cozier to read. I told him to grab a few pillows 😉

neutral tones artwork poster wall art

This neutral-tone soft flower illustration is perfect for this cozy mood! It’s also 50% Off; grab it before it’s too late. We won’t be restocking it, unfortunately.

For any space you want to make cozier and calm, I could not recommend our classic Beni Ourain Moroccan rugs enough! The quality is amazing; your toes will be delighted, and it’s a piece you can cherish forever if you care for it correctly. For all our tips on how to clean your Moroccan rugs, head right here.

Need help to pick your dream rug?

As always, if you have any questions, or you’d like my personal advice to help you pick the rug of your dreams, please email me! I’ll be delighted to personally reply to any questions you have. – Stephanie