Custom Moroccan Rugs by Baba Souk

A question I get asked very often is: “Do you make custom Moroccan rugs?” The answer is, yes! We make a lot of custom rugs for our beloved clients!

Why a custom Moroccan rug?

There are frequent reasons why someone is looking for a custom Moroccan rug:

  1. The rug they fell in love with is a one-of-a-kind piece that sold out. (
  2. The rug they fell in love with is too small.
  3. They saw a rug somewhere on Pinterest or in a magazine and can’t find a similar one. Either way, we most probably can help you with creating the rug of your dreams!

Can you replicate any rug?

Most Moroccan rugs, although entirely handmade and unique, can be custom-made, but there are some exceptions. The hardest ones to duplicate are those with intricate patterns and a multitude of gradient colors. The best way to know if we can make the custom rug of your dreams is to send us an email with a picture of the rug and mention the desired size. We’ll get back to you with the feasibility, lead time, and price. We do ship internationally, so your location is not a barrier.

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Customize Your rug

What can be customized:

– Size: We can make almost any size you need. However, you need to consider that the final size might have a few inches off. Our rugs are entirely handmade, so we have a tolerance of +-2″ on each side.

– Fringes: Typically, Moroccan rugs have fringes on one side, marking the end of the rug. However, some clients prefer having fringes on both sides, and others prefer a rug with no fringe. This is something you can decide when you order a custom rug.

– Pile: For wool rugs, we always recommend medium pile. Medium pile is thick and cozy, and it feels wonderful. I’ve noticed that medium pile rugs, around 1″ – 1.5″ thick, look better over the years and are easier to care for.

– Colours: Colors in a rug can be changed. For example, if the rug you like has red in it but you would prefer pink, we can change that. If you’re looking for a specific wool color or help with colour matching, we can assit you with this. For complex patterns and big color changes, we can also provide a sketch before starting production; this way, we can try color combinations and see what works best.

– Patterns: Simple patterns like lines and diamonds can be enlarged or shrunk. We can also change dots and checker’s colors.

Custom Moroccan Rugs from Baba Souk

Custom Moroccan Rugs by baba Souk

Handmade rugs are a labour of love

I have to mention that making a custom rug entirely by hand takes time! If you’re in a rush or not willing to wait 8-10 weeks, this might not be a good option for you. If you’re in a rush to find your perfect rug, send us your request, and sometimes we can source and find ready-made alternatives just for you.

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Custom Moroccan Rugs by Baba Souk

The classic Custom Moroccan Rugs

If you visit our “made to order rug category“, you’ll see all the rugs we are used to making in custom sizes for our clients. Most classic Beni Ourain rugs can easily be customized. We work with a team of artisans directly in Morocco, and the wool quality we use is fantastic! Gorgeous and thick, high quality, and cozy. You’ll LOVE walking on your wool rug!

Cotton rugs can also be customized. Some patterns are hard to replicate because Moroccan rugs are a work of art! Made entirely by hand, the artisans typically work free of any pattern and just improvise. We are working with a handful of highly skilled artisans who are able to replicate a pattern. However, keep in mind the final result might be 90% the same. In the end, each and every handmade rug is truly unique, and that’s what makes them so beautiful!

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Get in touch

I would love to personally work with you and help you create the rug of your dreams! We’ve crafted hundreds of custom rugs, and I just love it when a client is fully in love and happy with their rug 🙂 Get in touch!


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