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Latest Dazzle

Here is an inspiration board to start the week in color! Happy Monday! Marie-France & Stephanie


1. Kristina Sostarko + Jason Odd (Inaluxe)  2. Unknown  3. Audrey Jeanne  4. Ashley Goldberg  5. Kees Goudzwaard  6. Unknown  

*We do our very best to find the source of the featured artist’s work, however sometimes the source is lost in the www space and we can’t find it. If ever you happen to know to whom it belongs, please drop us a line in the comments below and we’ll happily update the missing link.


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We collaborated with local illustrator Steffi Bee to create some exclusive art for your little munchkins’ rooms! Easy to frame, these 8×10 illustrations will add an artsy touch and a friendly twist to your kids’ decor. Which one is your fave? (I have a big crush on Tails, the intrepid gal!) -Stephanie


Ahoy! The little sailor



Tails, the intrepid gal



Pandamonium, the friendly panda


An Apple a Day, the smiley apple


Théodore, the gentleman bear


Gloria, the cutie pie.



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