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Baba Souk Just Turned 2!


It’s been 2 years! It seems like yesterday, yet another side of me can’t believe it’s only been 2 years. It feels like I’ve been working on this project for a lifetime. I’ve put so much energy into it and today I can say I’m really proud of how Baba Souk has evolved. It’s been a hell of a ride, some moments of pure happiness, many, many hours of hard work, doubts, frustrations, a few tears, but most of all, many new talented friends, a huge amount of weekly inspiration and a feeling of doing something that matters.

The real purpose behind Baba Souk is to promote the work of talented artisans and designers and to inspire you to shop handmade and embrace a creative way of living.

This year should be amazing! We have so many cool projects on the way. I can’t wait to bring Baba Souk to the next level. Stay tuned!

Please share our boutique with your family and friends and help spread the Baba Love!


A little surprise for you, just in time to start your Holiday shopping: Get 30% OFF with coupon code “HAPPY2”. 48 hours only. Happy shopping friends!


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Baba Souk’s Latest Dazzle

Let’s start the week with a dash of bright blue, some neon pink and an overall positive vibe! These illustrations our inspiring are right now.


Marie-France & Stephanie

1. Emily Rickard  2. Anke Weckmann  3. Daniela Dahf Henriquez  4.Georgiana Paraschiv 5. Unknown  6. Lindsay Cowles

*We do our very best to find the source of the featured artist’s work, however sometimes the source is lost in the www space and we can’t find it. If ever you happen to know to whom it belongs, please drop us a line in the comments below and we’ll happily update the missing link.



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Baba Souk -The Creative Studio

We are currently on the hunt for the perfect space for the Baba Souk creative studio! The future is so exciting, isn’t it? Montreal friends, if you happen to have some ideas for our rental space or location, please drop us a line over here: Info@babasouk.ca

For now, here are a few spaces that are making us dream!


Have you seen the Studio DIY HQ via the glitter guide? All white with splashes of bright colors, it’s all about partying and fun, and we love it.

Studio-DIY-HQ-Tour-5 copy

Spotted our ice cream tote which looks pretty awesome in her decor!


Oh! I just adore this little house display from the New Zealand concept store Father Rabbit. We need one of these in the studio for our little munchkin products!


Of course, the designlovefest studio is just perfect. All white, tall ceilings, tons of lights. Could not ask for a more inspiring space.


This is the perfect space to host creative events. We’ll be hosting some cool creative gatherings; you might want to keep in touch!


I love the industrial ceilings, the space feels like an art gallery. (It is actually a NY art gallery called Gallery 16. Check it out via spotted sf)


Our studio will also double as office space. The studio of the awesome Australian duo home-work is super rad. I could work there!


This shelving idea from the concept store Sukha in Amsterdam is just awesome. We’d need some like that to showcase our one-of-a-kind pillows!


The house of French designer Anne Millet is just wow. This plywood nook is just the coolest looking corner. Anne Millet via SF Girl By Bay

Pssst! We have so much more inspiration for our space, check out this Pinterest board and dream with us!

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Special Edition With Giant Gold Dots!

You know how much I adore these little vases, handmade by Emily Reinhardt of  The Object Enthusiast. They are collectible treasures! This summer, we have a special edition with giant gold dots! What!?



We had fun playing around with snapdragons and big leaves for this shot.



This special edition is available in 3 lovely colors. Grab yours now!

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