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Latest Dazzle

We feel super girly this week! Check out our latest source of inspiration. -Marie-France & Stephanie


1. Unknown  2. Elizabeth Grubaugh  3. Unknown  4. Cecilia Andersson  5. Petra Wolff  6. Nancy Wolff

*We do our very best to find the source of the featured artist’s work, however sometimes the source is lost in the www space and we can’t find it. If ever you happen to know to whom it belongs, please drop us a line in the comments below and we’ll happily update the missing link.

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Soft Grey

Checkout my Colorfest post from a few weeks ago, it was posted over the designlovefest blog. Soft marled grey shade looks so comfy! Imagine yourself walking around the city in this sweatshirt dress, runners and hat! Wearing grey in summer is kind of unusual but this soft shade got me! Would you wear grey at this time of year? –Stephanie


1. straw hat from j.crew, 2. wall bucket from terrain, 3. sweatshirt dress from zara, 4. s’well water bottle from leif, 5. maison martin margiela grey shades 6. raw quartz earrings form baba souk, 7.clock from antrhopologie – inspiration sneakers from anthropologie. (want to see more colorfest posts? they’re all here! )

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design bloggers at home -book review

When I received an email from Ellie Tennant, the writer of design bloggers at home, saying Baba Souk was listed in the resource section of her new book, I was thrilled! I’d heard about the book, which features the homes of well-known bloggers, but I hadn’t had a chance to pick one up. I was too curious, so I decided to order one immediately. I had really no expectations at all.


When it hit my doorstep, I immediately went through the entire book. It is literally filled with pages of fun, quirky, personal and unexpected home decor ideas. Not perfect looking houses like you see in magazines, but singular houses of real creative people. I really enjoyed seeing the interiors of some of my favorite bloggers like Oh Joy and SF Girl by Bay. Of course, I have a sweet spot for the home decor of Justina Blackeney, we have a similar aesthetic and her house which she calls her Jungalow is just so authentic and colorful, it’s screaming her name and I love that. Besides, she is the one who listed Baba Souk in her favorite shop list! How cool and talented is that lady anyway! (Have you checked her IG feed lately?)



I was also super impressed with the home decor of Jonathan Lo, blogger behind Happy Mundane. His home looks like such a happy place to live in, as it seems to be filled with meaningful collectibles and such great pieces of art.

A fun thing about this book is that each featured blogger listed his or her favorite blogs and shops, some awesome resources! An entire section at the end of the book is dedicated to golden advice for creating your own blog. It’s a great read and I found some great pieces of advice. This one is from Victoria Smith of SF Girl by Bay., which really resonates with me: “Stay true to yourself and find your own voice. Don’t emulate other blogs. Be natural. The more your blog reflects you, the better it is.”

Design bloggers at home is literally filled with doable, down to earth styling ideas which can inspire you for your own decor. It will give you tons of ideas to be creative with your living space. I highly recommend it! -Stephanie

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