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Beni Ourain Moroccan Rugs: The Coziest Bedroom Rug

Moroccan rugs are my number one choice for bedroom decor. If you know me, you know I LOVE color throughout the home. I always say no to boring and beige; it just feels blah and soulless for me. The only exception would be in a bedroom! I love a calm and peaceful bedroom decor. Of course, I sprinkle some color in the accessories, which are easy to switch up for a seasonal change. Surprisingly, my top choice for an adult bedroom would be the coziest rugs I’ve ever stepped on; you guessed it, the classic Beni Ourain.

Moroccan Rugs, Beni Ourain, bedroom carpets, Baba Souk

Made of 100% wool, these thick Moroccan rugs are an absolute dream for your feet. It feels like walking on a cloud, not even exaggerating! There’s something about their fluffy texture in the bedroom; it makes the entire room appear cozy, soft, and so comfy!

The classic Beni Ourain rugs have black lines creating diamonds. They have been loved by designers for decades, and they are still the go-to designer’s choice. I’m also a fan of the polka dots Beni Ourain rugs, which give them a more feminine edge. The cool thing about Beni Ourain rugs is that they will never go out of style, and they fit with all sorts of different decor styles and furniture colours.

Practical Tips: Do You Need a Rug Pad for Your Beni Ourain Moroccan Rugs?

A question I often receive is, do I need a rug pad under my Beni Ourain rug? And my personal answer is no. Our rugs are so thick and heavy that they really do not require a rug pad.

I know that a white rug might feel risky! And when clients ask me about it, I always give them a 100% honest response: A white rug is a white rug; it’s perfect for low-traffic areas such as bedrooms! A grown-up living room would also be appropriate. But if you have 2 young boys like I do, or furry friends (it will be their fave lounge spot, don’t fool yourself), a colorful rug would be easier to maintain.

Moroccan Rugs, Beni Ourain, bedroom carpets, Baba Souk

I have a mostly white rug in my bedroom, and although my kids go in my bedroom sometimes, it’s not a high-traffic area, so it works well. I would never trade that fluffy coziness; Beni Ourain rugs are super dreamy! My secret weapon to keep it fresh is a dollar store BBQ handbrush! I will link to the video showing the brush right here. It’s a brush with metal hair, and it’s fantastic to remove small fibers and debris that can get stuck in the wool.

My quick wool rug refresh that will keep your rug looking like new:
Step 1: Shake off your rug outside.
Step 2: Brush your rug with a small BBQ metal brush. Yes, some wool will stay in the brush, but that’s fine; don’t worry, it will not damage your rug.
Step 3: Vacuum your rug.

For a complete Moroccan rug cleaning guide, head right here.

Moroccan Rugs, Beni Ourain, bedroom carpets, Baba Souk

Recreate the Cozy Vibe: Essential Elements for Your Bedroom Decor

I love the cozy vibe of my bedroom. Here are a few links to recreate the look:
– An authentic 5×7 Beni Ourain Moroccan rug from Baba Souk.
– Our popular La Fleur Poster in green.
– This rattan headboard from SouthShore furniture. Get -10% OFF with coupon code: “BABA10!
– I absolutely adore my pink nightstand because I can hide a lot of stuff inside like all the current books I’m reading, my creams, and there’s also a while at the back so you can pass your phone cord and hide your phone inside for the night. I 100% recommend it! (Get -10% OFF with coupon code: “BABA10!“)
– I try not to shop on Amazon, but this washed yellow cotton duvet cover is amazing and simple colour duvet covers are hard to find! The quality is surprisingly amazing. The color I picked is Light yellow Ocher, but they have all sorts of lovely colors. The link is right here!

Moroccan Rugs, Beni Ourain, bedroom carpets, Baba Souk

Need a specific rug size?

If you’re looking for a specific Beni Ourain rug size, please email us with the size you need, and we’ll get back to you with the price and lead time. We make a lot of custom rugs for our clients as we work directly with a team of artisans in Morocco to make your rug by hand with the highest wool quality on the market.

Beni Ourain, bedroom carpets, Baba Souk

As always, if you have any questions, please email me right here, and I’ll personally get back to you. I love to assist clients and help them find or create the rug of their dreams!
– Stephanie

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5 Reasons Why Moroccan Rugs are Worth the Investment

1- Why are Moroccan rugs so expensive?

If you’ve ever wondered, “Why are Moroccan rugs so expensive?” let me give you an honest rundown: They are entirely handcrafted by artisans in Morocco. It takes about 75 hours (equivalent to 2 full-time work weeks) for one artisan to complete a single medium-sized rug. It’s a lot of knots and physical labor. If we want to pay the artisan fairly, we have no choice but to sell the rugs at a premium price. And that doesn’t take into account transportation charges, taking pictures of the rugs, marketing the rugs, and shipping a rug to a client. It involves a lot of work.

moroccan rugs, colorful pattern, wool rugs, baba souk

2 – Moroccan rugs are Made to Last

If you’re anything like me, you’re sick and tired of fast fashion and throwaway culture. Moroccan rugs are high quality and made to last a lifetime. Yes, I know Ikea rugs are cheaper, but how long will it take before they fall apart? In my opinion, cheap stuff highly contributes to polluting our planet. I know this example might seem a little extreme, but have you ever purchased a toy for your kid at the dollar store? They last two days and then they’re good for the trash. I see Moroccan rugs as investment pieces you’ll cherish for years and years to come.

Moroccan rugs are robust. I personally own at least eight rugs, and I’ve had them for years. I know clients who have Moroccan rugs that belonged to their parents and were passed down as family heirlooms. Isn’t that amazing? The key factor to keep your rug looking like new is caring for it. I have listed all my best tips in this article. If you wash it regularly as soon as it needs it, it will look nice for years and years. Moroccan rugs can also be professionally cleaned and repaired by our skilled artisans if needed. Get in touch if you’re looking for a professional rug cleaner or need a repair in the Montreal area.

all white Moroccan rugs

3 – They are sustainable Rugs – Handmade with Fast Fashion Scraps

I know I’ve mentioned this a couple of times already, but it just blows my mind. Our cotton rugs are made of fabric leftover from Casablanca clothing factories. Little pieces of cotton that would otherwise end up at the dump and pollute the planet. I’m so proud and amazed to see what we can create with some fast fashion leftovers! For this reason, cotton rigs are my ultimate faves. They’re also so fun in kid’s decor! Have a look at our current cotton rig selection right here.

sustainable rugs
Wallper by Meraki, bunk bed from South Shore Furniture
4 – Are Moroccan Rugs Cheaper in Morocco?

Not really! I’ve been to the Marrakech souk at least 40 times! We no longer buy rugs in the souk as we’ve established relationships with artisans and now order directly from them, avoiding the middleman as much as possible. It’s for sure an adventure to head into the souk, source for hours for a rug you like and then try to negotiate with the vendor who will start the price sky high only to have you negotiate until you can’t say no anymore. You might be able to get a better deal – who knows! Moroccan vendors are agile salesmen who can sense the degree of love you have for a rug…and if you really want it, then it’s going to be very hard to lower the price (Pro tip: Try not to show your emotions!) It’s for sure a very fun and exotic experience, but it’s definitely not easy. Don’t even get me going about bringing it back to the airport 😉 For all my best recommendations for traveling to Marrakech, click here.

moroccan rugs, beni ourain, white wool black lines, cozy carpets, baba souk

5 – They are Just Like a Piece of Art

Most Moroccan rugs are one-of-a-kind handmade creations; they are truly a piece of art you can walk on! As with a painting, the price can be a little subjective; it’s a piece of art you pick with your heart. I always recommend picking a Moroccan rug not as a commodity but as a piece of art you’ll cherish forever. If you need more advice on how to pick your dream rug, head on to this article where I share my best tips on picking the right rug for you.

moroccan rugs with lots of colours from Baba Souk

As always, I love hearing from our customers! Email me right here, and I’ll make sure to personally reply to any questions you may have about our rugs, and I’ll be very happy to guide you so you make the right choice for you!


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Moroccan rugs & Mood Boards

Pastel Moroccan Rugs

One of the things I really love about Moroccan rugs is that 1 unique rug can inspire me for an entire room design. This mood board named “Danish Pastels” is my favorite! Living with color really helps to lift up the mood, and I’m a little sad that most people live in grey and beige decors; they are missing out. Color is life!

baba souk colorful moroccan rugs

The Moroccan rugs that inspired this mood board are our pastel wool rugs handmade in Morocco. These rugs are truly mesmerizing. They have the most gorgeous gradient of colors, and they are simply stunning. You can see our current selection right here! These rugs can’t be replicated; they are entirely handmade and one-of-a-kind. If you see the rug of your dreams, I highly recommend grabbing it fast. They are even prettier in real life; their beauty is hard to truly capture in a picture. This rug is still available and it’s on sale! It’s so so cool! Someone needs to grab it!

My simple trick for not feeling overwhelmed
One hack I’ve learned over the years is that it’s easier to keep your home all white and uplift the mood with lots of colorful accessories. The white keeps enough white space for not feeling overwhelmed, and accessories can easily be changed. I love to add some colorful accent furniture too!

I owned this coral cabinet, and I truly love it. The color is a very bright coral, and it’s a metal cabinet perfect for hiding kids’ toys and games. You can get 10% OFF with the code: “BABA10!”

I’ve been wanting to buy one of these accent tables and paint it in a fun color like lilac, sky blue or even better – pink! 😉 This one would be very cool painted too!

These pendant lamps are a little over the top expensive but how dreamy! I’ve been eyeing this cute Tulip lamp from Urban Outfitters Home, isn’t it so cute?

The Coziness Of Beni Ourain Moroccan Rugs

On the flip side of colorfulness, there’s coziness! Yes, I love for my home to be colorful and bright, but Beni Ourain creamy wool rugs are the ultimate to create a cozy, relaxing bedroom. Your cozy room could also be a living room, a space to feel relaxed and a bit lazy! (Like Syd below, living his best dog life)

Beni Ourain Moroccan rugs from Baba Souk

Classic dots or black Lines?

Now, the question is, are you on team Classic lines? Or polka dots? I LOVE both; they are classic and timeless and SO freakin’ cozy! BUT I have a soft spot for dots; they are the most fun and feminine.

moroccan rugs, white wool and black dots, baba souk

moroccan rugs, beni ourain, white wool black lines, cozy carpets, baba souk

Have a look at our current gorgeous Beni Ourain rug selection. If you can’t find the perfect size on our website for your space, email us; we make lots of custom rugs for our clients.

In my cozy space, I love to mix in light wood accents, like this gorgeous coffee table from a local brand I love, Found.

I have this headboard currently in my bedroom, and it looks great, easy to install too! Get -10% off with coupon code “BABA10!” right here. I would not recommend it if I didn’t LOVE it! For the record, the only complaint I have is my husband would prefer something cozier to read. I told him to grab a few pillows 😉

neutral tones artwork poster wall art

This neutral-tone soft flower illustration is perfect for this cozy mood! It’s also 50% Off; grab it before it’s too late. We won’t be restocking it, unfortunately.

For any space you want to make cozier and calm, I could not recommend our classic Beni Ourain Moroccan rugs enough! The quality is amazing; your toes will be delighted, and it’s a piece you can cherish forever if you care for it correctly. For all our tips on how to clean your Moroccan rugs, head right here.

Need help to pick your dream rug?

As always, if you have any questions, or you’d like my personal advice to help you pick the rug of your dreams, please email me! I’ll be delighted to personally reply to any questions you have. – Stephanie

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Moroccan Rugs & Kids Bedroom Ideas

Moroccan rugs are so cute in kids’ bedrooms! You might be thinking, but these rugs are a little expensive for kids’ bedrooms, and I totally agree it’s a privilege to even own one. BUT may I say it’s also an investment piece you’ll cherish for a lifetime (If you properly care for it, you can keep it forever. Read all our best care tips right here.) The cool thing about our rugs is that they will grow with the decor of your kid, from nursery to tween rooms, all the way to teenager and adult bedrooms! They are very versatile, and you can create all sorts of decor around them.

I’ve been super inspired to create kids’ bedroom decor mood boards recently! If you don’t know this about me, I have a bachelor’s in graphic design, and I’ve worked as a designer for a big-box company for many years before starting Baba Souk. So mood boards have been my jam for a while. For some reason (maybe because of Pinterest), I haven’t created one for a while! I remember my office being COVERED with magazine clippings back in the day.

I hope to create more mood boards this year in the hope to maybe spark inspiration and ideas for your own decor! I’d love to know if you find them helpful so please let me know!

Beach Bum Moodboard paired with the perfect Moroccan Rug

moord board for a kids bedroom blue beachy

The first mood board I created has a beach/surf vibe; it’s calling the ocean with a touch of aqua or light turquoise blue, pink and corals, wood accents, and a touch of sunny yellow. It would definitely spark joy amid the winter blues!

moroccan rugs, colourful, cotton carpets, baba souk

I’ve paired it with these Moroccan rugs named Ibiza and our staple Sunshine pillows. I can imagine adding something with a palm tree in there, maybe these cute hooks and a tropical plant. I Love these cane doors in aqua blue. So good! A surfboard would be the ultimate accessory. I found this cute decorative board on Etsy; it’s perfect! This mood board could be adapted for both girls’ or boys’ bedroom decor.

Pink & Yellow, Baba Souk’s Fave duo

pink and yellow mood board for a girls bedroom by baba souk

The second mood board is all about the iconic Pink & yellow duo. As always, these two colors are an all-time fave at Baba Souk; I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of these two! One of my favorite Moroccan rugs, Marigold, is the perfect fit for this mood board. (I have one in my grown-up bedroom, and I absolutely adore it, so cozy!) For a sweet little girl, I imagine a mix of pink and flowers, rattan accents, a moon mirror to add some magic, Our pink La Fleur poster. Bunk beds would be so cute (love these) for friends’ sleepovers, and I absolutely adore this Rachel Castle duvet cover. Painting the door in pink would be so fun! I would also maybe paint flowers on one pink wall; these are adorable! But I would also leave a few white walls for breathing. Neon signs would be so fun & cool. A statement gold pendant would be the final luxe touch; love this one from Etsy. This pink nightstand would also be perfect; I own one, and I love it! (Use code BABA10! for 10% OFF)

pink and yellow moroccan rugs, wool carpets, baba souk

Girl Bedroom with a botanic vibe

mood board for a girly bedroom pink bedroom, baba souk

This mood board is for a lively girl’s botanic bedroom inspired by gardening. Our tropical wallpaper and these cotton Moroccan rugs would fit right in! I would add botanical prints and books and of course, our green La Fleur poster. If anyone knows where to buy this pink peace banner, let me know! I would also add all sorts of baskets, plants, and artificial flowers, not usually a fan but these are gorgeous! And stay alive longer 😉 Key colors are pink, green & sage green, and mustard yellow.

moroccan rugs, colourful, babasouk

I hope you enjoyed! I’ll be back with more mood boards and decor ideas, but in the meantime, please reach out if you have any questions. I’d be happy to help you create the decor of your dreams.

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Kitchen Runner, Machine Washable – Moroccan Style Rugs

If you’ve been following along, you probably noticed we’re obsessed with Moroccan rugs! Ha! Well, yes, they are amazing high-end handmade rugs, and may I say, very hard to beat! That being said, we’ve been struggling for years with making more than one unit of the same rug. Yes, handmade and unique are amazing, but when you’d like to offer more than one client the same rug, it makes it very hard.

We’ve been dreaming of a machine-washable kitchen runner that would have our own Baba Souk designs. So, after many trials and errors, we finally decided to try a different avenue. We’ve been working with a small but mighty Indian manufacturer to create our pink runners (and also our popular bathmats!). After more than a year of testing and tweaking, we can say our Baba Souk Kitchen runner rug is a new favourite among our clients!

kitchen runner, machine washable rug by Baba Souk

kitchen runner, machine washable rug by Baba Souk

We love how it can fit into different kitchen decors. It can bring such a cool pop of color in a white kitchen or it could also be super fun in a colorful kitchen! We love to see our runner in your kitchen, so if ever you purchase our pink runner, please don’t forget to tag us on Instagram!

Yes, it’s machine washable! The best thing about it is that you can just throw it in the machine and dryer, and the stains are gone! It looks like new. I’ve been testing mine for more than one year, and even with a house full of dangerous little boys (haha, ok, I only have two young boys, but they are the messy type!), it’s surprisingly super resistant. I have washed it an exaggerated number of times to test it out, like maybe 20 times in one year. It still looks amazing, and there are no stains to be found. The only slight downside of washing it super frequently is the colors fade a little since it’s entirely made of cotton, but it’s very subtle, and I still love it very much; it’s only a little less bright after 20+ washes.

kitchen runner, machine washable rug by Baba Souk

kitchen runner, machine washable rug by Baba Souk

Kitchen Runner Care instructions:

– Shake it off outside every week.
– Vacuum regularly.
– Machine wash, COLD water (wash it alone, express or delicate cycle).
– Tumble dry (Best is to dry it alone)*
* You might experience more shedding during the first wash, but this will significantly decrease over time.

kitchen runner, machine washable rug by Baba Souk

Great for hallways too! We’ve created this runner with the kitchen in mind, but they could also be great for entryways and hallways too! We’ve taken a few pictures of it in hallways, and it really looks great.

kitchen runner, machine washable rug by Baba Souk

Rug Pads

Does this rug require a rug pad? We get this question very often, and it’s hard to give a definite answer. I have one in my own kitchen, and we have hardwood floors. I’ve found that it doesn’t require a pad on my floor; even with kids running around, it stays in place. I haven’t tested it for a long period on ceramic, so I’ll have to report back! In the meantime, I can recommend this rug pad from Home Depot; I’ve tested it, and it works great, and you can cut it to the desired size.

Fairtrade Rugs

The factory we’re working with is a small factory that uses hand-operated machines. We treat our suppliers with great respect and kindness. We pay them fairly for their work.

Get a discount code

Did you know you can get a -20% OFF coupon code on your first rug purchase when you subscribe to our newsletter? Click right here to get on the list and instantly receive your coupon code.

kitchen runner, machine washable rug by Baba Souk

We’ll definitely add some more color combinations in the future, so keep your eyes peeled! We’re working on a more neutral color combo that might be easier to sell to your spouse, haha! Why? Why do most guys hate pink? They’re missing out 😉

As usual, if you have any other questions regarding this runner or any other Moroccan rug, get in touch via email; we do our best to reply promptly and try to help in any way we can.

– Stephanie

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