Beni Ourain Moroccan Rugs: The Coziest Bedroom Rug

Moroccan rugs are my number one choice for bedroom decor. If you know me, you know I LOVE color throughout the home. I always say no to boring and beige; it just feels blah and soulless for me. The only exception would be in a bedroom! I love a calm and peaceful bedroom decor. Of course, I sprinkle some color in the accessories, which are easy to switch up for a seasonal change. Surprisingly, my top choice for an adult bedroom would be the coziest rugs I’ve ever stepped on; you guessed it, the classic Beni Ourain.

Moroccan Rugs, Beni Ourain, bedroom carpets, Baba Souk

Made of 100% wool, these thick Moroccan rugs are an absolute dream for your feet. It feels like walking on a cloud, not even exaggerating! There’s something about their fluffy texture in the bedroom; it makes the entire room appear cozy, soft, and so comfy!

The classic Beni Ourain rugs have black lines creating diamonds. They have been loved by designers for decades, and they are still the go-to designer’s choice. I’m also a fan of the polka dots Beni Ourain rugs, which give them a more feminine edge. The cool thing about Beni Ourain rugs is that they will never go out of style, and they fit with all sorts of different decor styles and furniture colours.

Practical Tips: Do You Need a Rug Pad for Your Beni Ourain Moroccan Rugs?

A question I often receive is, do I need a rug pad under my Beni Ourain rug? And my personal answer is no. Our rugs are so thick and heavy that they really do not require a rug pad.

I know that a white rug might feel risky! And when clients ask me about it, I always give them a 100% honest response: A white rug is a white rug; it’s perfect for low-traffic areas such as bedrooms! A grown-up living room would also be appropriate. But if you have 2 young boys like I do, or furry friends (it will be their fave lounge spot, don’t fool yourself), a colorful rug would be easier to maintain.

Moroccan Rugs, Beni Ourain, bedroom carpets, Baba Souk

I have a mostly white rug in my bedroom, and although my kids go in my bedroom sometimes, it’s not a high-traffic area, so it works well. I would never trade that fluffy coziness; Beni Ourain rugs are super dreamy! My secret weapon to keep it fresh is a dollar store BBQ handbrush! I will link to the video showing the brush right here. It’s a brush with metal hair, and it’s fantastic to remove small fibers and debris that can get stuck in the wool.

My quick wool rug refresh that will keep your rug looking like new:
Step 1: Shake off your rug outside.
Step 2: Brush your rug with a small BBQ metal brush. Yes, some wool will stay in the brush, but that’s fine; don’t worry, it will not damage your rug.
Step 3: Vacuum your rug.

For a complete Moroccan rug cleaning guide, head right here.

Moroccan Rugs, Beni Ourain, bedroom carpets, Baba Souk

Recreate the Cozy Vibe: Essential Elements for Your Bedroom Decor

I love the cozy vibe of my bedroom. Here are a few links to recreate the look:
– An authentic 5×7 Beni Ourain Moroccan rug from Baba Souk.
– Our popular La Fleur Poster in green.
– This rattan headboard from SouthShore furniture. Get -10% OFF with coupon code: “BABA10!
– I absolutely adore my pink nightstand because I can hide a lot of stuff inside like all the current books I’m reading, my creams, and there’s also a while at the back so you can pass your phone cord and hide your phone inside for the night. I 100% recommend it! (Get -10% OFF with coupon code: “BABA10!“)
– I try not to shop on Amazon, but this washed yellow cotton duvet cover is amazing and simple colour duvet covers are hard to find! The quality is surprisingly amazing. The color I picked is Light yellow Ocher, but they have all sorts of lovely colors. The link is right here!

Moroccan Rugs, Beni Ourain, bedroom carpets, Baba Souk

Need a specific rug size?

If you’re looking for a specific Beni Ourain rug size, please email us with the size you need, and we’ll get back to you with the price and lead time. We make a lot of custom rugs for our clients as we work directly with a team of artisans in Morocco to make your rug by hand with the highest wool quality on the market.

Beni Ourain, bedroom carpets, Baba Souk

As always, if you have any questions, please email me right here, and I’ll personally get back to you. I love to assist clients and help them find or create the rug of their dreams!
– Stephanie