Finding the Perfect Moroccan Rugs – Room by room guide

Hey hi, I’m Stephanie, Baba Souk’s founder 🙂 Over the years, I’ve been testing Moroccan rugs everywhere around my home and the homes of many clients and friends, I’ve learned A lot! I’d like to share what type of Moroccan rugs work best for different spaces around the home.

Moroccan Rugs for Nurseries and Kids’ Bedrooms:

a Baba Souk rug in the kids bedroom
This is the most fun place to have Moroccan rugs. My absolute favourites for kids’ bedrooms are our cotton carpets! First of all, they have joyful colors and patterns that are just perfect for kids’ decor. The thing that I really love is that they are super versatile. So they’ll be adorable in the nursery but will continue to work as your kid’s decor changes over the years!

moroccan rugs fro the kids bedroom by Baba Souk

Another thing is that they are easily washable. Juice spill? Just spray on some Shout spray or OxiClean, and you should be good! If you have a big laundry machine at home, you can wash it with cold water and hang it to dry, or my favorite, wash it in your backyard with the hose or, even better, a pressure machine, it works very well. I own one that I’ve probably washed 30 times by now. It still looks great. They are really made to last. Have a look at this page for all our tips and tricks on how to care for your cotton rugs.

small Moroccan rugs for kids

This is an example on how you can use a small 2’x4′ cotton rug right beside a crib or a transition bed like this cute cat bed.

The only other rug that I really think is perfect for a nursery is our famous Funfetti rug. Yes, it’s a little less easy to maintain, but I mean, HOW CUTE?

wool rug with colorful dots from Baba Souk

Living Room Rug Recommendations
This room is a little trickier because let’s be real – it depends on whether you have Little tornadoes and furry friends – or not!

If you are two grown-ups, I would not hesitate to recommend a Beni Ourain rug. The comfort is unmatched. They are perfect for low-traffic living room and could not be prettier or cozier. Every time I’ve added a Beni Ourain rug to a space, it instantly made it cozy and warm. So I highly recommend it if this is what you’re looking for.

Moroccan Rugs, 4 Sizes Available – White wool & Black Dots

On the other hand, if you have a messy family like mine or a dog with dark hair, I prefer to be honest with you; you might want to avoid a white rug! Over the years, I found that our colorful wool rugs are very good with busy families. They still have that coziness, but the colors make them easier to maintain.

colorful Moroccan rugs from Baba Souk

Master’s Bedroom Top 3 Rug Picks:
#1 The Marigold Rug: I personally have a Marigold rug in my bedroom (Yes, my husband loves it too!) My toddler loves it even more; it’s super cozy to sit on, and he loves to read books right on it. I love the look and the soft feeling under my feet. I’ve paired it with soft pink bedding, golden yellow bedding, and lilac bedding – They all look good.

#2 Classic Dots: A super fun twist on the classic Beni Ourain rugs, this wool rug is luxurious, cozy, and it has something sassy about it! It would turn any boring bedroom into a very fun cozy atmosphere. The great thing is that it could be paired with almost any bedding, so you can keep the rug and switch up the bedding for a fresh look.

white wool rug and black dots from Baba Souk

#3 Checkers: If you prefer cotton, I highly recommend the pink checkered cotton rug. It can be made in the size you need. The look is super cool. Your husband doesn’t like pink? Don’t worry, we can have it made especially for you in almost any color. Send us an email to discuss colors; we’d be happy to make the rug of your dreams come to life 🙂

The Best Kitchen Runner
I’ve tested a bunch of rugs in my kitchen. While the cotton rugs work well, the easiest to care for are our Baba Souk machine-washable kitchen runners. What a revelation! We really couldn’t find cool kitchen runners that were durable, water-absorbent, easy to care for, and fun! So we had to create our own design. We adore it, and we’ve been getting the best reviews from our clients. I own one in my kitchen, and I have two young boys; they are messy little people, and I think I must have washed my runner 100 times! It’s in perfect shape. I’m amazed every time I wash it; I can’t believe how good it looks after 1 year of very busy family life.

kitchen runner rug, machine washable from from baba souk

kitchen runner rug, machine washable from from baba souk

If you don’t like pink, don’t worry; we plan on adding other color combos soon.

Our Famous Baba Souk Bath Mat
We wanted to create a very cute, machine-washable, water-absorbent, and easy-to-care-for bath mat. After lots of sketching and testing, we decided to have our own Baba Souk design made in India in a small Fairtrade factory where they can easily duplicate the bath mat and keep the price reasonable. We are planning to create more bath mat designs, but this one has been popular from day 1.

bath mat from baba souk

It is very cute, and the colors are soft and fun; it goes well with all sorts of bathroom decor. It hasn’t lost its popularity; we sometimes struggle to have enough inventory, so if you want it and it’s in stock, grab it!

If you have any questions about ordering a rug from our website, please visit our FAQ page or don’t hesitate to email us for personalized assistance; we’d love to help and give you advice and recommendations; it’s our jam 🙂

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