Soufflé & Lemonade Recipes!

We’ve teamed up with the multi talented lady behind the Murmures blog to create a super festive recipe for the summer season ahead of us. Emilie is a food stylist, a photographer and a cook! She created these amazing raspberry soufflé and fancy lemonades for us. She used our colorful ceramic platters for the presentations; everything looks just incredibly fresh & delicious! I’m thirsty, aren’t you? These are the perfect summer treats for your guests. Can’t wait to try these and throw a garden party! Cheers -Stephanie


Recipe for iced lemon raspberry soufflé (Makes 6-8 soufflés)
–    30cl of fresh cream
–    350g of raspberries
–    1 organic lemon
–    80g sugar
–    2 small egg whites
–    a pinch of salt


Instructions: Purée 250g of raspberries. Filter the purée to remove seeds with a sieve. Zest and press the lemon, add 20g of sugar. Beat egg whites with the salt, until they form stiff peaks. Add 30g of sugar. Mix the purée in with the egg whites. For presentation, empty a few lemons and fill with mixture. An alternative is to wrap a few glasses or cups with cooking parchment leaving an over-lap of 2 to 3 cm above the edges. Fill with soufflé mixture adding a few whole raspberries. Smooth the surface and garnish with a thin lemon slice. Chill in freezer for 4 hours. Remove baking parchment before serving.



Citrus and orange blossom lemonade (Makes 1 pitcher)
–   2 organic lemons
–    1lime
–    2 heaping tablespoons of turbinado sugar or honey or liquid sugar
–    sprig of fresh  mint
–    2 teaspoons of orange blossom water
–    water
–    ice cubes

Instructions: Press the lemons. Fill pitcher with water, add lemon juice, sugar, orange blossom water, mint. Serve ice cold with ice cubes!


Hibiscus and orange blossom lemonade (Makes one pitcher.)
–    a handful of dried hibiscus flowers
–    2 heaping tablespoons of turbinado sugar or honey or liquid sugar
–    2 tablespoons of orange blossom water
–    water
–    ice cubes

Instructions: Steep hibiscus in tepid water for 20 minutes. Add the sugar and orange blossom water. Serve ice cold with ice cubes.

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*All pictures were taken by Emilie Gaillet. Check out her amazing blog.
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