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Black & White Trend

This is my latest post for the Marion House Book blog. We’ve just moved into a tiny house and I hate to admit it, but my 5 month-old baby boy’s room still isn’t put together!  As you can imagine, moving and renovating with a tiny baby is quite the challenge. Anyhow, I’ve been collecting many pictures of cool decor ideas for his room. I’m really into the monochromatic black and white trend. I’d like to use a bright accent color and add some artworks as well to keep it fun. What do you think of this black & white trend? – Stephanie


1. via the boo and the boy, 2. via kotipalapeli  3.Via Van Pauline’s Instagram 4.Via apieceofcake82’s instagram 5. Via the mackpar blog 6.Uknown source

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Wardrobe Challenge

This is my latest post via The Marion House Book blog. Oh September. Do you feel it? Every September, I usually feel tempted to go shopping, I can smell it, the scent of new stuff. This year I’d like to propose a challenge, why don’t we rediscover our own wardrobe? Clean it, refine, give a whole bunch of things we don’t wear, and rediscover some lost favorites. Are you in? Here are a few inspiring wardrobes that might get you going. Have fun!




1-2. via vtwonen, 3- via a beautiful mess

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The Marion House Book

My latest guest port via The Marion House Book blog. Our summer is so short that every beautiful day that comes around, I feel the urge to enjoy the outdoors as much as I possibly can. That means eating outside almost every evening and trying to make my own backyard, a sweet place to be. I like the idea of bringing inside decor items outside. Here are a few ideas you might like. Great chairs, statement planters, and a few pillows add a lot of charm, don’t you think? –Stephanie


1. Via Kodin1 2.Via Ashe+Leandro 3. Via Hitta Hem 4. Via Rue Mag 5. Via Marrakech Design 6. Via  Martha Stewart


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Floor Tile Inspiration

Here is the latest inspiration board I put together for The Marion House Book blog. I’ve been doing a bit of research for floor tile inspiration lately. It’s for a future kitchen project. It seems I am drawn towards anything that looks like colorful mosaic, you know the super expensive kind!… On a more realistic note, I’m thinking about a simpler black and white version, it might be a better, timeless option. What kind of tiles would you choose if you were about to renovate? – Stephanie.



1. Laguna blue tiles from Bonnie and Neil 2. Via My First Little Place  3. Via Marrakech Design  4.Via Marrakech Design  5.Via Marrakech Design 6.Via Sodeco

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Inspired By, Wallpaper

Here is my latest guest post for the Marion House Book blog.


I’m astonished by the variety of outstanding wallpapers I see on Pinterest. For years, I was reluctant to wallpaper, I guess the variety felt too traditional, but now I feel the options we have are amazing! Look at these for inspiration. I’m curious, where would you shop to find great wallpaper selection? –Stephanie

1. Via Ab Chao, 2. Via Rue Magazine 3. Via Matchbook Magazine 4. Via The Design Files 5. Via Lauren Kelp 6. Via Rachel Powell.

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