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Weekend Create Away

One of my goals for 2014 is taking time to play and live a creative life. What is this life all about without a little time to have fun? This new post series is about making time to do something inspiring. I’ll come up with super feasible ideas and simple ways to stir up our creative juices! Are you in? See the entire post via The Marion House Book blog. -Stephanie



1-Picture by Otomodachi via Flickr, 2- Via Condominimcote’s Instagram feed

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Mixed Chairs

Here is my latest guest post via The Marion House Book blog. One of my favorite stylist tips to add character to a house is to mix and match chairs in the same room. They could be of different colors and/or different styles. Here are a few pics for inspiration. I’m thinking of upholstering my dining room chairs each in a different color! Have you tried mixing and matching your chairs at home? -Stephanie



1. Via Ashe + Leandro  2. Via Coco + Kelley 3. Via Lady 4. Via Nuevo Estilo 5. Via Studiopepe 6. Via BoligLiv

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