A Happy Boho Living Room

While visiting our friend, Maca – who just moved into the cutest house – we were inspired to create a happy bohemian living room. Not only is this theme very well suited to her fun personality, but, to be honest, our Montreal winter is never ending this year and we really needed some happy colour therapy! Speaking of which, if you need a dose of colour, pickup your phone to check out Maca’s Instagram profile, it’s candy for your eyes!

moroccan rug bohemian living room

A big dose of colour, wonderful textures & plants is a sure way to create a happy space. Also, I’ve said this so many times, all you need is a Moroccan rug 😉 It’s the centrepiece you need to start creating your decor. We picked this one, which is a super colourful Azilal rug and paired it with these wonderfully textured Boucherouite pillows. Add a few baskets to the mix and start creating a fun bohemian decor. You’ll need a few plants, of course, and our must have gold pouf. Add a few of your favorite posters and there you go! It’s really not as complicated as it looks. Start by picking your rug and your sofa, then create a fun colour palette with accessories.

moroccan rug happy bohemian living room baba souk
These are the Baba Souk items we used to style Maca’s living room:
1. Our favorite Fatima Peace poster, this luscious Monstera leaf poster. 2. Boucherouite Pillows. 3. This Azilal Moroccan rug. 4. Some cute Moroccan baskets. 5. Our fave vegan gold pouf.

moroccan rug bohemian living room

I love this view. I wouldn’t mind hanging there on a cold winter day! Oh by the way, if you haven’t read Justina Blakeney’s new book yet, The New Bohemians Handbook, I highly recommend it. It’s super inspiring and the subtitle “Come Home to Good Vibes” describes it perfectly. A great weekend read! – Stephanie


Location: Maca
Styling: Camille Picard
Pictures: Baba Souk