DIY Latte Heart – Baba Souk X Maca

We are so excited about our first video in collab with our girl Maca. Just in time for Valentines Day. Spread the love one latte at a time!

DIY Latte Heart – Baba Souk X Maca from Baba Souk on Vimeo.

latte heart DIY learn how to make a heart in your latte


  • Make your Espresso Coffee and Froth your milk.
  • Swirl your milk around and tap the frothing jug on the table a few times.
  • Pour a bit of milk into your espresso and swirl around again.
  • Hold your mug at an angle so the froth pours out.
  • Then straighten the jug + mug so the froth stops pouring out.
  • Make a straight line movement to finish your heart shape.

PS: How cute are these Moroccan ceramic mugs? Find them right here