Kid’s Decor Ideas – Where to start

We’ve been having a love affair with our Moroccan rugs lately. And one of our biggest obsessions is integrating them in a kid’s decor. The colors and patterns are so playful and creative that we feel they are the perfect key pieces to start creating a fun decor for your little munchkins.


In this girl’s nursery, we’ve used a small azilal rug, and put it right in front of the crib. Azilal rugs are made of wool and usually super colorful and comfy.

I always prefer painting a nursery in white. I know most people go with pink or blue, but I kind of love the fact that white never goes out of style. I prefer decorating with accessories, it’s much easier to turn around when your kids grow older and suddenly, they hate pink. (Ha!) We also love to keep the crib white. This one is a basic crib from IKEA. (The two drawers at the bottom are handy to store diapers, wipes and bed linens. One staple you really can’t go wrong with is our white leather Moroccan pouf. So good for mama to put her feet up while rocking baby to sleep. We also have the sweetest mini pouf version for kids. We chose the gold pouf for this decor because a touch of gold is always a good idea in a girl’s room. Always!


After picking out your rug, I’d say start with the walls. In our decor, we went for this simple but oh-so-cute Fluoro Heart Screenprint and this handmade garland. Aren’t they the cutest things ever?


We’re big fans of pompoms (of course) so this pompom blanket, pompom pillow and pompom basket steal the show. Note the pompom basket would make a cute toy bin for small toys but we also love to use it as a fun planter. Plants, in my opinion, make any room look better. And then, it’s only a matter of mixing in your baby’s favorite toys and books to add a personal touch.

Our Boucherouite rugs are the best to create a happy playroom for your toddlers. They are super resistant, made of recycled fibers, they are typically multicoloured so even if your little monster splatters a bit of paint, it won’t be the end of the world.


One of our favorite accessories are these little shelf houses to display your favorite soft toys, small treasures and books. We also love to decorate with posters. This big Fiesta print is also a fun and inexpensive way of adding interest to your walls.

We found this little modern desk at IKEA and the thing we most like about it is that it has integrated plastic bins in which you can hide all the crafty stuff you want to stow away like paper, crayons and knick knacks. This small Eiffel chair is adorable, it’s available in a variety of colors, both in kid and adult sizes.


You can find our favorite accessories and toys for kids, like this cute Superheroe soft toy, this minty cactus sculpture, or that sweet baby blue leather pouf over here.

Hope our decor sparks a few ideas for your own kid’s playroom! We’d love to see, tag us via Instagram so we can have a look. -Stephanie