Treasure Hunter -Paper & Stitch

I spend so many hours online (you can absolutely call me a web nerd), that I often discover real gems. I thought I’d create this new blog post series called “Treasure Hunter” to share some of my best finds with you guys. Also, I’ve always said my unique talent was to find talent!  I don’t know why it took me so long to discover the Paper & Stitch blog, but it’s just the most inspiring place to hang! Brittni Mehlhoff is the founder and editor and she puts together the most stunning DIY projects I’ve seen in a long time. Her ideas are just unique and put together in the most flawless photographs. You know when you stumble on someone so good you wish you could work with her, well that’s how I feel about this gal.


DIY Watercolor Napkins


DIY Gold Leaf Embellishes Cookies


DIY Watermelon Donuts


DIY Modern Bar Cart

This is just a little peek at some of my favorite DIY projects of hers. You should definitely check out the Paper & Stitch blog. -Stephanie