Treasure Hunter- Mer Mag

I recently discovered the work of  Merrilee Liddiard, probably because I just became a mom, and have a new found interest in cool kids stuff. I realized, while browsing through her blog, that I had already pinned lots of her cool projects. She is an illustrator and probably the most talented kid crafter you will ever encounter!


I mean, how cute are these bunnies made out of paper plates?


And this  “mom you rock” gift project would make any mommy melt down, right?


Her young boys often model for her craft projects, and they seem to be having a blast! They are so lucky to have such a cool mom.



Merrilee is also an illustrator and her work can be found in her Etsy shop, “tuesday mourning”. I love this “hi five” poster!


She is also launching a book entitled Playful, which is for sure on my wish list! *All pictures are from Mer Mag blog, you should definitely check it out!

This post is part of the Treasure Hunter post series. I hope to make you discover the inspiring and talented people that I find during my long sessions of web hunting! Hope you enjoy! –Stephanie

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