3 pregnant friends and an afternoon tea party

Against all odds, 2 of my besties and I are now pregnant and are expecting within 6 weeks of each other! We found this special time in our lives too precious not to be remembered.

We wanted to plan a special photo shoot to capture the moment but we didn’t really want it to be a typical belly photo-shoot… if you see what I mean. Then, we decided we should plan it around an activity we love, that’s when the afternoon tea party idea came up! We thought it would be creative and fun and it would also make for pretty pictures.

We teamed up with the super talented photographer, Elisabeth Simard, who was delighted with the idea.


I have to say the whole fun of it was the preparation. Here you can see me on the left, Ange in the middle and Gabrielle on the left. The 3 of us have pretty big bellies although you can’t see much of mine on this one!


This is us behind the scenes, having fun putting way too much icing on the cupcakes.


Here I’m sprinkling more candy, of course.


Tadam! Aren’t these cakes beautiful? I have to say my friends are super talented so it was very easy.


Coiffeuse, the dog, also wanted her share of the goodies. (Can you believe my friend Gabrielle called her dog “Coiffeuse”, the French equivalent for hairdresser! I think it’s hilarious.) Still no tummy showing! Apparently wearing black was not my best idea…


Isn’t my friend Gab pretty on this one? Pictures taken on the spot are the best, aren’t they? And the lighting is magnificent!


Here you can see, my bump is huge! Expecting my first baby mid-April and I cannot be more thrilled about it. (Apparently, I was saying something silly again…)


Gabrielle, trying to make me laugh, and oh, oh, I’m losing my cupcake!


And there it went, it’s on the floor!


The pictures turned out looking more like an afternoon tea party than anything else but we had a blast and it felt very special. I feel so blessed to have these ladies in my life and to be sharing such a special time with them. I highly suggest capturing pictures of yourself and your friends having fun together, pregnant or not. They make the best memories. Imagine looking back at these, in let’s say 10 years…


*All pictures by Elisabeth Simard. Thanks for capturing the moment.


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