Moroccan Leather Poufs, White & Black – Handmade


Made: Handmade in Morocco
Material(s): real leather
Color(s): white & black embroidery
Dimensions: 21 × 21 × 12 in
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We love this White Leather Pouf. With its contrasting black embroidery, this Moroccan footstool is a fun alternative to the classic white pouf. We also have the black pouf with white embroidery, they make a stunning pair! It’s the accessory you need to complete your black and white thematic decor. (like this black & white bedroom) Indeed, It’s also a great alternative for a kid’s room or a nursery since it’s black embroidery makes it easier to take care of. Just wash the white leather with a damp cloth, it will stay in shape for years to come.

A Moroccan staple, this white leather pouf is the perfect addition to create a cozy boho home décor. These wonderful leather ottoman poufs are handmade by skillful artisans in the Marrakech souk market and they are made of great quality leather.

The thing I like the most about these Moroccan poufs is that they look great anywhere! Change your decor and add an ottoman pouf to your living room, it will create a low seating option that makes for a warm and cozy atmosphere. Also, I absolutely love to use this footstool to decorate a nursery, its perfect to put your feet up while rocking your little one to sleep.

OUR POUFS ARE SOLD WITHOUT THE FILLING. You can easily fill the poufs with polyester material you would usually use to stuff pillows. You can find polyester mousse in most fabric stores. However, we think the best thing is to use old clothing to fill up your pouf. It will make it heavy, plump and comfortable! You could also use some old sheets or towels you are no longer using. Go through your wardrobes and do some decluttering! Find some old jeans or a bunch of t-shirts you are no longer wearing and fill up your pouf. The more you fill it the better it will look!

– Diameter: 21″ Height: 12″-14″ (Standard size)
– Our White Leather Pouf is a fair trade product. We buy them directly from an artisan in Morocco.
– Real Leather
– Embroidery color: Black
– Ships within 2 days
– Free Shipping to Canada and USA

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