A Magical Eye Wall Hook – The Story Behind The Object


We had this eye wall hook made especially for us in Marrakech by a wrought iron artisan. He has worked with wrought iron all his life and can make unbelievable things with a piece of iron! You should see him handle his hammer and torch! He doesn’t want to be in front of the camera (older artisans in Morocco are very modest and don’t feel very comfortable in our highly photo-friendly world) but I thought it would be nice for you to know that each piece is made by hand. This product is fairtrade and encourages an artisan’s work.

We designed the eye hook from a little sketch I made on the spot. It’s a wink to the notorious eye design seen everywhere in Morocco. Apparently, it offers protection against negative forces. Why not?! That’s why they call it the “anti evil eye” after all.

Plus, this exclusive hook design is sure to add some interest to your entryway! And it’s super handy for your coats and keys. We’ve put together a little entryway decor so it might give you a few ideas to decorate your own entryway.


Key items: The Magical Eye Wall Hook, a little vintage mirror (that we spray painted in yellow), our Tiger poster, a little house shelf, a wooden bench (from an antique shop), a small Moroccan rug, a pompom basket (used as a planter) and a XL gold storage bag.


Have fun with your decor creations! And tag us via Instagram so we can see your Baba decors!


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