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Introducing our new collaborator, Marie-France! She is a (very!) talented graphic designer & she will be providing inspiration boards for Baba Souk’s Blog. She will put together pictures of dazzling finds for you to enjoy. Here is her 1st board for a few funky Christmas tree ideas.

Tiny Graphic trees, Funky tree from Design Sponge, Poster, ACME felted wool spheres, Triangles from Jeanne’s Blog, Merry Christmas print from Tupy Boutique, marimekko print.


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This is me, trying not to laugh during the photo shoot! I am the crazy lady behind Baba Souk.
Nice to meet you!
(I hate having my picture taken but hey!….presentations are needed!)

After countless MONTHS of hard work, a few periods of doubt, some tears due to fatigue and a whole lot of laughs, here we are, our online boutique is finally up! We’ve traveled around Moroccan markets to bring back colorful handmade products & we’ve come across great artists to collaborate with us. I hope you will enjoy our sweet little shop!

We will be on the lookout for great indie designers & artisans. Baba Souk will bring you lots of unique new products in the months to come. I hope you’ll visit us often and that you’ll enjoy the creative ride!

Get the word out for us & spread the love.

With Gratitude,

Psssssst! French friends, don’t worry. The shop is coming soon in French!
We are still putting our last finishing touches on it.

Psssssst! Mes amies francophones, ne vous inquiètez pas! La boutique version française est sur le point de voir le jour. Quelques mises à jour sont requises avant qu’elle puisse être dévoilée, c’est une capricieuse!

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