DIY Easter Eggs – Cactus Desert Eggs

DIY Easter eggs! We have a fun, easy craft for you. The kids will love to make them and they’ll make the cutest little decorations for your coffee table too! Go get your paint brushes!

diy easter egg craft cactus eggs

This DIY has been designed just for us by our collaborator Camille

What you need to make these cute DIY Easter eggs:

– Aquarelle paint (or water paints)
– A small paintbrush
– Eggs
– A bunch of baby cacti (you can find some at most gardening centers)
– Small terracotta pots (or you can use egg cups)
– Soil
– A knife

DIY Easter eggs cactus eggs craft

Step 1:

– Use a sharp knife to crack open your eggshells at the top. Make a good hole and then use your hands to open up the egg. About 1/4 of the eggshell should be removed so you’ll be able to plant your little cactus inside.

– Remove all the egg inside the shells and only keep the shells.You can make an omelette later. (We hate to waste food!)

– Wash your eggshells.

Step 2:

– Use your aquarelle paint and get creative with mixing colors. It doesn’t need to be perfect, have fun with it. Let the kids play around with their color mixing explorations. It feels so good to play with your hands, doesn’t it?

– Once you’re done with your painting, you can put your eggs upside down to let them dry.

DIY Easter eggs craft project cactus eggs


-Add some soil inside your shells and then plant your baby cacti in them. Tadam! You just made the cutest Easter desert eggs 🙂

-You can put them in little terracotta pots like we did. Bonus – you can also paint the terracotta pots if you feel like it. If you can’t find such small terracotta pots, just use egg cups, it will look just as cute!

DIY easter eggs craft cacti

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DIY Easter eggs craft

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DIY Easter Eggs cactus

(find the pink bunny here, and pretty little gold basket here)

Happy Easter guys, have fun with your family and friends. XO

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