3 Easy Care Houseplants That We Love

These handmade baskets were the result of a chat I had with our florist loft neighbor and favorite plant lady, Laurie Anne Atelier Fleur. We both thought that cute planter options for our medium houseplants were hard or impossible to find at a decent price. And so, I suggested we should have baskets made to hide the medium size 6″ pots that are usually used for medium sized plants. We decided to add cute pompoms and golden yellow and vintage purple that made me think of Laurie Anne. (She has the cutest workshop, you’ve probably seen it in our Instagram feed)

3 Easy Care Houseplants That We Love, baskets with tassels

Grab the yellow tassel basket right here and the purple one here.

rounds baskets with tassel handmade in Morocco from Baba Souk

Here are our 3 Easy Care Houseplants to keep in our cute tassel baskets:


Zamioculcas (Or The ZZ plant)
– Direct light or mid-shade
– Let the soil completely dry in between waterings.

rounds baskets with tassel handmade in Morocco from Baba Souk

We have one at the Baba loft and it’s a survivor! Very tough! So it’s the perfect plant for beginners like me 😉

Aglaonema (or Chinese Evergreen)
– Indirect light or mid-shade. Will survive without direct sunshine.
– Let the soil dry partially in between waterings.
– Spray the leaves 3 times a week during summer.

3 Easy Care Houseplants Aglaonema

This plant has more than 60 varieties and we just love it’s luscious green leaves. And it’s resistant! Bonus point: It’s perfect if your place isn’t very sunny.

Aechmea (Also know as Bromeliads Urn Plant or Silver Vase Plant)
– Indirect light, no direct sun.
– Always leave water inside the flower
– It loves humidity so ideally spray its leaves 3 times a week
– Water when the soil is dry

round baskets with yellow tassel baba souk

Of course, this gorgeous tropical pink beauty is our favorite of these 3 Easy Care Houseplants! Isn’t it just gorgeous? And, did I mention the pink flower lasts really long. In love!

Stephanie & Laurie Anne

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