Home Office Decor – 7 Easy Ideas To Create An Inspiring Work Space

I’ve neglected my home office decor for so long. I didn’t quite know what to do with it because the space I have for it is not as big or as pretty as I thought I needed. But I’ve been enjoying working from my home lately and I really needed to set an inspiring mood without spending too much time or money to make it happen. Don’t get me wrong, I love to work at the Baba loft but it turns out I’m SO much more productive when I work alone without any distractions. Anyone else feels more productive working alone?

Camille and I came up with 7 easy ideas to get you inspired for your own home office decor, and please note, you don’t need any fancy furniture. See what we’ve done to set the mood around this affordable Ikea desk. All you really need is a wall and a few accessories to put it together.

home office ideas 7 easy way to create an inspiring home office

1. Add interest to your walls. Posters are the best. I know I’ve said this before but art prints are the easiest and most inexpensive way to create a fun decor. All you need are a few posters on your wall and maybe one more leaning against your desk.

(Wall hanging, mint palm poster, peace poster, little round vase, cactus ring holder, gold, silver & pompom belly baskets, Moroccan rug)

home office decor 7 ideas to create an inspiring home office decor

2. Keep your desktop minimalist but surround yourself with a few of your favourite things, like your favourite books and agenda (ban.do of course) we love to store all our small knick knacks in these golden paper bins.

home office decor 7 ideas to create an inspiring home office decor

3. Next, you need big plants around you. Plants bring any space to life. (Any plant!) Amongst our favorite, the now classic Monstera plant (on the left) and a big bird of paradise palm plant. Our belly baskets make the best hiding pots. (Just add a plastic plate at the bottom and hide your plastic pot in it.) Also put a few of your favourite smaller plants on your desk. We swear they’ll make you happy!

(macrame plant hanger, monstera leaf poster, peace poster, mint leaf poster, wall haging, belly baskets, pink leather pouf.)

4. A vintage chair is always a good idea. Vintage chairs are easy to find and have so much more character. This one we found at our friend’s vintage boutique, Les Objets Perdus.

home office decor 7 ideas to create an inspiring home office decor

5. Download a fun design for your computer desktop, it’s just so much fun. Plus, this colorful print designed by Bella Gomez is free to download via DesignLoveFest.

6. We also like to add texture to the mix. These colorful wall hangings are the best. You could also use a hanging plant like this cute pompom macrame plant holder.

home office decor 7 ideas to create an inspiring home office decor

7. If you’re lucky enough to have a home garden, keep a few fresh flowers in a vase on your desk as often as possible. Cheap! And so pretty.

(If not, treat yourself with a sweet bouquet from Laurieanne Atelier Fleur)

We hope our little styling ideas will help you put together an inspiring home office. Have fun with it! -Stephanie

PS: We’d love to see your home office decor! Tag us via Instagram so we can have a peek 🙂