Gallery Walls – 4 Ideas

We’ve been wanting to create some gallery walls for quite some time! Gallery walls are such a great way to add personality to your home decor on a budget. They add interest to your wall in a snap. You don’t need to get fancy and buy expensive frames, cheap ones form Ikea or your local thrift store really do the trick.

Now that we have all sorts of new beautiful prints, we’ve decided it was about time we came up with a few gallery wall ideas for you guys. We thought it would be fun to create different options with our own print collection. Camille and I have put together 4 different gallery wall ideas you might like for your own decor.


This one I feel is a bit romantic so we think it would be super cute above a master bed. Note we’ve added a disco ball and a paper pompom to create some volume and interesting texture. Adding different objects to a gallery wall area really helps to bring in personality. You could add some meaningful objects as well so that they remind you of beautiful moments in your life as a couple.

Prints from left to bottom: 1. Cactus & flowers, 2. John & Yoko, 3. Fluoro Heart Print, 4. Fiddle Leaf Fig Screenprint, 5. Bloomer Art Print, 6. Palmistry Hand Screenprint, 7. Oh Happy Day! Print.


This gallery wall would look super sharp in a living room. It has a bohemian feel that we love. We love to mix different print sizes together and aren’t afraid to mix the colors. As long as you love it, it’s ok! There are no rules here, you can mix whatever you like. One tip I can give you is to use simple prints like these leaf prints and then maybe throw in 2 more complex art prints to the mix. If all the prints were as colorful as the smallest one, it would be too much. Notice we’ve added a little wall hanging to this gallery wall, as I said above, it’s good to have a little texture.

Prints from left to bottom: 1. Bloomer Art Print, 2. Flowering Cacti II, 3. Palm Leaf Print, 4. Philodendron Art Print, 5. Palmistry 6. Hand Screenprint, 7. Iris Apfel Illustration, 8. Small Print Olive Branch, 9. Wall Hanging by Natacha Castonguay.


We’ve also done a thematic gallery wall, which can be really fun to put together! This one is for cactus lovers. But you can imagine one for a kid only using cats or one for your boyfriend’s office only using guitars… I love to add these little house shelves to a gallery wall, they are perfect to add volume and interest. And the fun thing is placing cacti on them too to keep everything on theme! This crochet wall hanging is also a cool piece to add to a gallery wall.

Prints from top to bottom: 1. Little House Shelves, Cacti Planters, A, B, C, 2. Quirky Cactus Print, 3. Pastel Neon Opuntia Cactus Screenprint, 4. Cactus & flowers, 5. Flowering Cacti II, 6. Black Macrame Wall Hanging, 7. Flowering Cactus, 8. Paddle Cactus Print.


Last but not least, this gallery wall for kids is our absolute fave. It must be the pompom garland! We just adore the mix. How cute would it be in a nursery? You could also hang some artwork made by your little munchkin in the mix, it would be super cute.

Prints from left to bottom: 1. Little Hipster’s Alphabet Poster, 2. Little House Shelve 3. Cacti Planter, 4. Paddle Cactus Print. 5. The Curly Sheep Illustration, 6. Fluoro Heart Print, 7. The Tiger Poster, 8. Philodendron Art Print, 9. Little House Shelve, 10. Russian Nesting Animals, 11. Pompom Garland, 12. Small Print Olive Branch.

Hope these give you a few ideas for your own decor! We’d love to see your gallery walls. Tag us via Instagram so we can see yours 🙂 -Stephanie