Fun Storage Buckets!

I’ve been looking for years for cute magazine buckets but somehow they all feel a bit blah. So, in collaboration with designer Casey D.Sibley, we decided it was time to create magazine buckets for the design savvy crowd. Tadam! I love them, simple, black and white with the classic cross design that never goes out of style.


Looks pretty awesome alongside our Have Mercy poster by artist Jordan Grace Owens!


The other awesome thing about these cool magazine buckets is that the size is just right! It’s big enough for magazines and books but small enough so the magazines stay upright.


We had so much fun working with Casey D.Sibley to create these neon pink cross canvas buckets! We think they make the coolest plant holders but hey, you can use them in so many other cool ways! I’m thinking it could be handy to leave one on my desk to hide some ugly clutter. They could be adorable in a washroom as well.


They make pretty cool storage for kid’s room too! -Stephanie