DIY – NYE Party Stirrers

Are you planning a New Year’s Eve party? We have the coolest DIY stirrers idea for ya! Find some colourful paper, a bit of tinsel and get crafting ladies! Astrid and I would like to bring a festive touch to your cocktails!



Choose your favourite color and make some cute stirrers!


Your cocktails will be a huge hit! Because, how cute?


We used lollipop sticks with a nice round end to create these funky stirrers.


They make the cutest glass markers as well. Click below for the step by step instructions and learn how to make your own!

What you need:
– Heavy colorful paper, around 135 gms
– Tinsel, choose you favourite color
– Paper glue
– Wooden sticks (we used lollipop sticks with a nice round end)
– Scissors
– Ruler
– Pencil
– Exacto knife.


STEP 1: Build Your Paper Diamond Form


To create your diamond, you can follow this drawing. Each side must measure 1 inch. Trace it with a ruler and a pencil. Leave a 0.25 margin around your form and cut it out with an exacto knife.


To be able to slide your wood stick through it, you need to make the 4 corners of your shape round using your scissors.

STEP 2: Decorate Your Diamond


Fold your diamond following the lines. Before building up your diamond, you can decorate it using small rectangular and round confetti as we did or you can use whatever colourful scraps you have on hands. Glue your decorations on it and wait 10 minutes to make sure the glue has dried.



STEP 3: Create Your Festive Stirrers


Now, you need to glue the margins and glue the sides together to build up your diamond.


Slide the wooden stick into the bottom of your form. You might want to add glue to secure the stick.


Afterwards, you will need to cut a really small part at the top of your diamond to be able to insert a few tinsel strips.


STEP 4: Decorate Your Cocktails


Repeat every step and mix in other colors. You can glue on all sorts of shapes and mix in fun paper colors depending on the event you are hosting! You can also use colorful tinsel and create fun fruity stirrers ! To add a festive touch, we used a mix of cocktail and wine glasses, added a few sparkly gold stickers on the glasses. Add a lemon slice and zest to the drink and you’ve got it! Now it’s time to party friends!

We wish you an inspiring New Year! May 2015 bring you lots of creative juices. –Stephanie

Pssssst! We’d like to see what you’ve created! Tag @babasouk via instagram to show us your work of art. We’ll regram our favorites! Most of all, have fun!

*This DIY project was created by Astrid of the SP4NK blog for Baba Souk, all pictures are by her.