Our Tune for July


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As you know, here at Baba Souk , we love art, we love design, we love candies and we love life! Since we are the curious type, we also are huge music fans!

Marie-France is one of my talented friends, the kind of gal who is always discovering cool new songs. She lives with music and she has a pretty awesome ear for it too! I thought it would be cool for her to introduce one song per month to kind of set a mood over the Baba blog. We think you might like it just as much as we do and discover great tunes along with us!

So here is our tune for July. Hang on, it’s festive! Press the little play button on the bottom left of the image and dance! –Stephanie

Here is what Marie-France has to say about it:
I made a superb discovery listening to Flavia Coelho for the first time! I want to share  one of her songs called Sunshine from her debut album Bossa Muffin. It’s a bit reggae and full of sunshine, so you can smile and dance along!

Flavia Coelho is a Brazilian singer born in Rio de Janeiro who has now settled in France. I really hope she comes up with a second album soon. Until then! Enjoy!