DIY- Papier Maché Valentine’s Day Heart

My partner in crime Camille and I have come up with a cute papier mâché heart for V-Day! We really can’t get enough of papier mâché! Remember the cutest Christmas tree she made for our pop boutique? It’s such a fun craft technique because you can create any form you want to!

Here is our papier maché Valentine’s day heart!


I love the fact that you can create 3d shapes with papier maché. The good thing about it is that you can customize all the faces creating a fun decorative object. Also it’s super cheap to make! All you need is cardboard (old shoe boxes will do the trick), masking tape, newspaper scraps, home made glue (a mix of flour and water), some colorful paint and a whole lot of patience!



I love the side, Camille painted some XO designs on it with a large paintbrush.


Our little French slogan “coeur en joie” means joyful heart. What would you write on yours?


Pssst! Camille is wearing our new graphic apron! Isn’t it cute?


Click below to see a little clip of our papier mâché Valentine’s Day heart project.

After taping your boxes together to create your base shape, you can start gluing some bands of newspaper on your heart. Then you need to wait until it’s very dry, and afterwards you need to add 2 more layers of newspaper bands and glue. You need 3 layers of newspaper and glue to get a slick look. Let it dry throughout. We decided to make a giant heart but if you’re a bit less crazy, you can make a smaller one in a lot less time! The longest part is the drying; the bigger the shape, the longer it takes to dry out.



When your heart is completely dry, you can paint your shape in white, creating a nice canvas to add any base color you wish. Then, the fun part begins! Customize your papier mâché heart! If you feel like writing something on it with paint like we did, I suggest you trace it before with a pencil, it makes it easier.


Will you create your own papier mâché heart this weekend? We’d like to see your  creation! Tag @babasouk via instagram to show us your work of art. We’ll regram our favorites!

Have fun! -Stephanie