Speckled Polka Ball Vase

CAD$40.00 CAD$20.00

Designer(s): Emily Reinhardt, The Object Enthusiast
Made: by hand in Kansas, United States
Material(s): clay, glaze and golden leaf
Color(s): speckled tan & golden dots
Dimensions: 4.5 × 3 × 3 in


There are many reasons why I’m so fond of these little vases. They are handmade by Emily Reinhardt, an artist with a beautiful soul. They have golden dots! (Eeeek!) On top of which they only need a handful of flowers to look absolutely delightful. My house is full of them, I keep one on the kitchen table, one on my work desk, and one in the bathroom! They will make your house a happy place!

These vases are a great gift! I plan to give  one to each and every person I love!

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