Smudge Sticks – Lemon Eucalyptus & Rose Quartz Healing Crystal

CAD$17.50 CAD$14.88

Made: Handmade in Montreal
Material(s): Bundle of dried lemon eucalyptus, rose quartz crystal, palo santo & dried flowers.


Our smudge sticks are a bundle of dried Lemon Eucalyptus & Rose Quartz Healing Crystal, Palo Santo and dried flowers, they are absolutely gorgeous and will help you purify your living space.


Lemon Eucalyptus has a fresh, light, citrusy scent. The perfect remedy to purify your air and space when you’re feeling under the weather or to fight away those winter blues!

The Rose Quartz Crystal will purify your heart, brings positive energy and repulses negative thoughts. The colorful dried flowers in these bundles are like an extra offering to the divine, a beautiful gift for the Universe.

– Price is for one smudge stick
– Size: About 5-6” (12-15cm)

How to use smudge sticks:
– Light up your smudge stick
– Go ahead and walk around the space you’d like to purify with your lit smudge in hand.
– Let it burn on a ceramic plate
– It will eventually stop burning by itself but please never leave it unattended.

Smudge sticks make the perfect little wellness gift! Send one to your friend and help her purify her space 🙂 Did you know we offer free gift-wrapping? Have a look at all our wellness products right here.

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