Pink Kilim Carpet – Moroccan Cactus Silk Rug – 4’7’’x7’7”


Made: Handmade in Morocco
Material(s): Cactus Silk
Color(s): pink


This wonderful pink kilim carpet is made of sabra, a vegetal silk that is hand-woven in Morocco and is simply beautiful. Sabra silk is made of agave silk, that’s why it’s often called cactus silk. Once weaved, it creates the most wonderful colors and textures. Agave plants are especially huge in Morocco, they are succulent plants that you can peel, the process produces threads. These threads are then colored with gorgeous vegetal dyes. Then the Sabra killim rugs are woven on traditional weaving looms by hand so each rug is a bit different. (This makes each and every one extra special!)

Our Pink  Kilim Carpet is perfect to add color and texture to your bedroom or living room. It adds an instant wow factor to any space that feels a bit blah. PS: They look pretty cute in a nursery too!


*One-of-a-kind, only one area rug like this is available.

 Care Instructions:
– Vegetal dyes. Avoid Contact with water.
– Dry clean only.

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