Original Artwork – “Bess” by Leslie Weaver – 11”x 14”


Designer(s): Leslie Weaver
Made: Handmade in the USA
Material(s): Mixed media on canvas
Color(s): fuchsia, turquoise, navy, yellow, green. white
Dimensions: 11 x 14 in
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Leslie Weaver is a mixed media artist who surely knows how to play around with festive colors and forms. She creates these super bold paintings that are fabulously colorful and the women she paints are beautiful and fearless. Leslie gets her inspiration from global culture, patterns and fashion, maybe that’s why we’re so into her art! Her color mixes are so good, I can’t get over how cool her color palettes are. Beautiful pinks and sunny yellows mixed with hot red, turquoise and royal blue…Such a voyage! Her art is pure eye candy.

These paintings were created by Leslie Weaver exclusively for Baba Souk and will be available in our virtual art gallery for a limited time only.

Our goal is turn our online gallery into a happy place where you can discover the work of new artists. We’ll be hosting an online vernissage of our favorite artists from around the world. Starting with the amazingly talented Leslie Weaver and her stunning, exotic, tropical-cool women.

I’ve decided to create this “Baba” art gallery 1. Obviously because I feel we should all buy more art, myself included! (I bought my first original artwork not that long ago and it feels so good to own an original piece of art & to feel you are personally encouraging an artist.) 2. I feel totally captivated by some original art pieces and I really want to share all this beauty with you guys. (Ok, I admit, I would love to keep them all for myself, open a funky museum, and I would definitely invite you!) Seriously, the pieces I curate really touch me, there’s something about the color combinations that make me happy, my eyes want to stare longer and I feel good just looking at them. I know I love bold and I know only cool cats like you will be able to appreciate. As I always say: finding talent in others is my only talent. -Stephanie

If you can’t buy one, just enjoy them! I hope you can help me share these pieces of art and promote these wonderful artists. Let’s pin, tweet, facebook and share all this beautiful art!



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