Handira Wedding Blanket, Queen Size

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Made: Handmade in Morocco
Material(s): Natural undyed wool, cotton and metallic silver sequins.
Color(s): Beige, white, metallic, sequins
Dimensions: 97 x 67 in
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Our Handira wedding blanket is a really special creations, hand-woven by Berber women in Morocco. Berbers are the country’s native people and now live in the middle of the Atlas Mountains. They are truly creative ladies, and have some really outstanding crafts skills and style. We owe them most of Morcoco’s amazing woven products, like kilim pillows and rugs.

Each handira blanket is a very unique piece and is woven in consideration of the bride to be, to protect her, comfort her, bring her luck and fertility!

After the handira blankets are hand-woven, the process of attaching the crazy amount of metallic sequins by hand begins. Can you imagine the time it takes? Unreal, right?

Of course, these days, they make a stunning addition to your home decor. Throw it on your bed, a couch, or hang it as a piece of art.

*Perfectly fits a queen size bed*

Washing instructions:
You can wash it in your machine, gentle cycle, cold water.
Hang in the sun to dry.

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