Greeting Card, Monster


Designer(s): Petit Happy
Made: Paper
Material(s): Locally In Montreal
Color(s): white, yellow, black
Dimensions: 5.5 × 8.2 in


These must be the cutest greeting cards ever! They unfold so you can write a secret message in their big mouths.

The friendly characters make the best birthday cards, love notes, invitations and thank you notes. What will you write inside its big mouth? Kids love them and we do too!

Send us your message and we’ll mail a card directly to your friend for you. What’s written inside the card will be our little secret. (Rest assured, I’ll use my Sunday best handwriting for you!) Note: You can also order a blank card which I’ll ship right to you!

Isn’t it fun to receive a card in you mailbox? I know it definitely makes my day!

-Price is for one card & envelope.
-Designed and printed locally by Petit Happy

Regular Shipping to Canada: $1.00
Regular shipping to USA: $2.00

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